segunda-feira, dezembro 19, 2016

and what seems others crimes of impeachment and pearhaps worst

1. Again i ask some people to put the address of sea matters on a mobile phone and appears the same impeachment message, that this blogger, sea matters is only available by invitation. I wont these peoples on the court!

2. Also in recent time, the address of all blogs is changed, do not appears the original link name, but only the names, i do not know if they are redirecting all, with fakes address!

3. Apparently a new dashboard in the blogger applications, or a fake one?

crimes of impeachment, robber and adulteration of my accusations

upper the frame where is visible the crime 

first time that i had install the windows 10, it appears documentation, now not, I suppose that they had take it away from the pen of installation or they do it by programming to do not let me understand security matters as they all do for more then one decade concerning software