sexta-feira, dezembro 30, 2016

once again these fuckers terrorists disarrange the Office

i wont these peoples in front of a court!
three restore operations and still do not work! 

all the Annie L. Photo sequence that is approached at the link under

and this is the missing link concerning the connection that must exist, between the death of the son of Travolta and the California Sea tragedy, because both subjects are together in this sequence published at Photo magazine  

beautiful Hemingway  have a curious detail, a band aid in the hand

the eyes of Dylan also represent a theater mask , the one that whore hold in the hand 

the inducted dream with Gwen fall, that had some prepared developments in Calvary, this will be explain after in details

1. and a new photo, 

Gwen and her mother, I presume  also photograph by Annie Leibovitz 

sweet as a baby Angel in mother s arms

2. le cigarre magique de Fidel de Castro

(add to this post day 02 01 2016) 

3. under the original photos at this first post publication.

some of these aspects are accounted in recent videos, and of course this pass came from the sub-line, Tous parfum spot with Gwen/NASA