quarta-feira, janeiro 04, 2017

the strange hurry works in the kitchen and WC with lost Nicole Kidman phone numbers to make fall airplanes-2

second part , that is not complete, i suppose that these terrorists had also cut some part that show the works. if I can I will try to put it again. I suppose that they had done a mask on previous video where this images during the works whore show

first part, the Zanussi/Zenith tap
link under at 28 12 2016

there is some mysteries here as usual within this complex prepared operations,. because as I stated on video, I suppose that the first tap that arrived was a Zanussi and them a Zenith, which means, I suppose that part of their plan is a proposal of mix identities concerning this two names or labels, or better writing, a way ti mix and disguise a certain identity know by the terrorist behind this operation

quarta-feira, dezembro 28, 2016

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