quinta-feira, fevereiro 23, 2017

i wont these criminals present in front of a court

Last time that I was where at Vodafone connection, as all the days, these criminals still have reel time access to my publishing.

When I open the blog, first, there was one of the embedded pieces of my accusation against Microsoft that did not appear, during the publications, they made appeared again, perhaps they had also change the content.

At home, I notice that again an application Vulcan run times library that was installed on the programs, apparently by what I understood this apparently come with the Nvideo installation (graphic card) and I suppose that they do crimes of erasing and others trough this software.

After the application disappeared by itself, like 007 James bond, and meanwhile the files proprieties whore already out of order, when I try to correct it namely trough the local political editor, the informations about dates, that I recently show that as usual whore adulterated, also change again, and this crime seems have a particular intention, because the possible dates ref. namely to Nicole Kidman last show elements, have also been reset, I heard by the spirit, that this was command by the group of MNA, and if true, this reinforce again their guilty on Japan tsunami.

All my system is not working properly.

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