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13 03 2017 master full version

Video 13 03 2017. Length 02:45:51

And an extract, kiss to a pincer nose princess, the missing Fernando Pessoa poem on last reading and Ines Gonçalves mode photos. Length 29:19:10
In this video, matters correlated with Portugal, Spain, Italy, America, North Korea, England, ONU

The constants terrorists crime on line on day 06 03, the missing two pages on the pdf on my last manuscript published, the adulterated video, the constant Vodafone crimes or from third unknow part, the crime during a one more complete installation of Microsoft 10 system and office programs, the constant crimes on my work, the folders stolen in the same way as the last recent time, the stolen more recent works, the adulterations reel time at my home, the constant torture crimes, blinking the lamps,   kissing the pincer nose princess, the missing Fernando Pessoa poem on last reading, a message not in a bottle to Nicole Kidman around last comment,  

Trumps, Fallow up on the desk image, sexual spying and others subjects like mode photos from Ines Gonçalves, The horns or ram symbol, Cyrus Miley image, negligees, among others, some considerations on sexuality, Assunção Cristas, and a advertising campaign at Ceuta Av sub line of abuses that is going on after remembering some criminal facts including a death of a child, a Obama and Bono launch image on day 11 03 yahoo news, Jessica s Chastain, Athaide, aliases, and attempts of murder, an apparent suicide by abuse of a beautiful lady, the appearance of Jane Fonda with a similar line or a mirror concerning the last comment of the label image of the man’s shirts like for instance Sharon stone photos and old facts with her spiritual daughters and tsunamis, a recent fact, the so call instant karma or online images pass that affects body and vision, or returning to some aspects of California sea tragedy,

George Clooney as Bind Laden, and sharks or donuts, a line build overseas and here, the 90´mystification around the stolen MTV music channel, Madonna, and the 91 92 Albums, the Russian ambassador at ONU and a Ukrainian taxi driver in Lisbon, the usual criminals cross in the streets, the French boy and details on the subline the vaults, the secretes, the seeds and the beds, American last elections, and remembering old roots of these themes, 99, Calçada do Poço dos Negros, Lisbon, the news around the administrator of CGD on TV after my video recent account on the images of the PT National Bank and connections established with 911, the hunter trophy, PRP, Socrates crimes, the recent news concerning hi, fallowing my dream account of the two PS wheels or circles of cruxification, sub line, details of the painting Children’s plays, Antonio Aragão book, and the infinite form as for instance Vodafone, the return with an account number of a recent news, with Richard from Virgin or a alias oh him an a Portuguese boy with a Spanish family name, the Portuguese millionaires according yahoo, private luxury boats with helicopters,  a strange pass within the Google, Bloggers applications, an apparent or not, other account, Domingos,   that had access to my blogs with a recent evoked name in the MNA , japan tsunami and Beslan killings,  sub lines, and a line of bloggers whit a story around the PT islands, a bishop, and a church similar to the one comment in Amatrice, Italy earth shake and DN bandits newspapers, 

a lady with long crawled hair like Nicole image in the beginning of the sequence, hurry works on the kitchen and toilette with lost Nicole Kidman phone numbers to make fall airplanes and kill some, an image of a ballerina, another small Nicole at the coffee and a castration reading, a doctor or  a nurse from CUF, some comments on 911 after all these years, the giraffe figure, the un answered white house emails, the recent line that 911 was an invention done by CNN;  the news of  nuclear test from Korea, some comment to prince Harry on personal mines and not only, and a few more facts and lines just to entertain my death and perhaps yours at the chronical absence of justice.

A news about Paulo Nuncio, AT, taxes authorities after speaking again of the constant crimes of state persecution and abuse of power, namely by the finances department in a recent video comment, I saw briefly online the news that he is charged for corruption, money subjects.

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