segunda-feira, maio 08, 2017

About some missing important documents, refereed as explained in video comment, notice indirectly by president Trumps.

Reference on this post
These documents and one of my complete child blogs, appears referred in the dashboard of blogger application when I enter it, as being in draft mode, which do not correspond to the truth, they whore already published at each time of the writing or publications in the case of scans of manuscript documents.
Then there is a first crime, that consist in someone that have illegal and criminal access to my blogger and the dashboard, had prepared at “my entrance”, this message referring that a conjunct of documents and a blog whore in draft mode, and of course if not done by blogger of Goggle themselves this must be done by some that have access to my accounts.
When I tried the links to these documents that apparently whore by the saying offline in draft mode, there was none correlated content, which means that they whore stole and someone had notice the still and was saying in this mode to me that they whore not any more in my blogs pages, or perhaps just announcing that they had still them “just for fun”, or perhaps some one from Trumps group or using an image of him, was asking in this “shining way” that they needed them.
These documents as all are important matters on different analyses concerning large killings, namely this missing blog with the address  that was created recently to published some of the manuscript documents, namely , “Strange facts around the pregnancy and birth of my son Francisco “ and this document was if I remember well published on the stolen blog.

this link is a video where I comment some aspects on this manuscript of my criminal accusation on the robber of my son. in this lecture some aspects recent reflected on the kanguru circle on the rear window view as accounted in recent video, "the red helmet on the kanguru circle" and others before, because this mis en scene was done in more then a step.
This answer to Trumps, will be further developed on my actual manuscript.

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