segunda-feira, maio 08, 2017

recently again I return and made again a proof of the subliminal inductions and psychotic suggestion in an extract manuscript within the analyse of the PR 84 issues, that is published on the link under.

Das induçoes subliminares e psicóticas através das bandas sonoras de documentos av ( audio visuais)
In further recent video, I also had remember that these kind of crimes of psychotic inductions whore also detected , recorded and published at the time of the occurrences namely in phone conversations with the European Criminal Court and Portuguese states entities.
 I published again one example that is not of the worst in a recorded conversation with the European criminal Court, but is a bed good example
First manuscript addenda to some of the facts and aspects approached on last published power point, IG MODE, CHILD ABUSE AND 911 NY TOWERS
 In this manuscript there are some of the memories and draws on the psychiatric hospital Julio de Matos, that correlated different subjects like for instance, the “elevated beds and the little bear/ Swatch, a symbol of the Gwen/ NASA/ TOUS sub line and Kuski Russia submarine.
I published again the link of the video with the phone conversation, that i had call, outrageous confession of the psychiatric involved on the robber of my son, Cabral Fernandes and in this crime against me of compulsory internment

this video is the outrageous confession of the criminal psychiatric Cabral Fernandes that is involved on the crime of compulsory internment they had commit against me in May 2013, in this phone conversation in 2012, he say to me "that exist all a machine oiled against me" and that in his opinion was better that I gave up, fighting from my son and my self  

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