quinta-feira, junho 08, 2017

A further explanation on a aspect of the post, “Addenda to the last post” published here in this blog day 05 06 2017

I had two ribbons that hold my bag that I'm obliged due the criminal Nazis conditions of this crime to carry each time that I go out of my home, one in black, the one that had broken after a prepared pass as explained in detail in one of the extracts already published of my actual manuscript at my blog, to the French beloved one, and a second one in white that was a trance that after the first one had broken, also this one, perhaps by someone that have prepared without my notice became with all the “nerves” visible, which whore a conjunct of ribbons that form and are enveloped by the outside of the ribbon, and this aspects is indeed, or can be understood, as a representation of the nerves in the vertebral column or between both side of the brain.

and the constant crimes at my home

This Nazis still enter my home everyday that I go out, and still whatever they wont, prepare all kind of arts and destroy equipments, the last one, just now was the second heather of the electrical equipment on the kitchen that was new and these criminals authorized by all the Nazis authorities of the Portuguese state, had already broken it, as the other before, and this new one came on the recent works on the kitchen and wc with Nicole Kidman lost phone numbers, witch means, must I all remember and insist, that the Nazis authorities are covering these crimes because they inscribed these constant pass, crimes and tricks, in the cover and illusion creations that they try to mount around a very complex pass that had made fall a plane in Brazil and kill at least two ambassadors at time as accounted in detail.

Then now I´m using the old one, the Russel one, that as you all know is also integrate part of my actual manuscript by the name values, and as I explain in the past, this heather do not work properly, it was criminal disarranged just after buying it, do not generate the need temperature, and this is part of they criminal strategies namely to create health problems, to make stress, to make me spent more time each time that I must heat or cook something and this is the perversity of these Nazis criminals during more then 10 years.

I demand these Nazis and the authorities that are covering then in front of a court!

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