sábado, junho 10, 2017

crimes online during the creation of my new blog to japan beloved one

Day 08 06 when I create the new blog for Japan Beloved One, when in the blogger dashboard, and choosing the address, which means the application see by itself apparently if a certain name and and certain address is available one the address with, com, domain, was available, and not with the normally and also criminal, pt as domain, as explained ling years ago, when they change the domains of all blogger from, com, to pt, without any explanation, which configure a crimes never answer as always by these fuckers thieves and international terrorist of telecoms in total impunity.

Today as you can check, the domain is already, Pt, and this is first of all a crime, and again a proof that they still have illegal access to all my contents and indicates the criminal intention of stilling and adulteration's that as proofed behind any reasonable doubt, many times are process that they use to promote killings in many countries

As you all know they have heavy criminal interest to protect concerning the analyze on japan tsunami 2011, where namely some of the photos published in this day in the referred blog whore mirrored by the Nazi president of this corrupted republic some already months as accounted, and this was done with the fuckers of DN  

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