quinta-feira, junho 08, 2017

EDP SAGA continuation

Day 05 06 2017, there was a Portuguese Nazi newspaper cover, with a new concerning EDP, the Portuguese company of electricity with a photo of the administrator Mexia, a name quoted in my book of life, by many crimes that do not have any answer until now, namely the recent re evoked control and induction on my steps by the public lamps on the streets of this Lisbon within the strategies of the crime against me and my son and many others, is fair to say in this case, just by the simple reason and fact, that making blinking the public lamps shows an illegal technical system of controlling the public electricity that can have other applications and made more easily burn the lamps.

The title say that the process against them was at risk to prescribe, a usual and recurrent crime in countries that do not respects the law and where the courts are curved to interests others then the justice itself, and just need to have money to make prescribe process, as I account some facts that I know directly concerning these criminals methods in my book of life just before the robber of my son, and as sometimes I have remember, this must be also a reason to his.

By the title, they say that EDP receives from the state 900 million years in revenues, but did not specify if from agriculture fields, must we all presume!

The image of Mexia in the cover of the newspaper is a must, you all must see to understand the profound and deeply sense of construction!

At my home, the terrorists still vibrating my lights all around the house synchrony with the places that I m, like for instance when I m going to the toilette, better and worst example of Nazis acts can be and this black criminal reality is going on like this for years!

As I explained must I also presume that some one or more then one is stilling also the electricity and this is a part of the explanation of the constant crimes on the electricity readings also.

This must i also presume, is one of the reason that the subsidiaries company that they contract to came home to make readings never ring my bell, which means and this i m sure, that some one or more, asked them to do not ring the bell, or even change the notice days of readings that they glue on the building door, and this are corruption crimes within the crime of robber of my son and my slavery.

They have also change the on-line apparently EDP page, new fields for the information appeared for the fist time, and they whore doing subliminal blinking passes at the same time that i was trying to fill the informations, amazing!

If true these new fields on they page, still do not correspond properly to the request information that is supported by the readings that the consumer does at home, that as proved is also done in wrong way.

And by these facts arisen of subliminal introductory process, must I also presume, that they had change the values on the lecture.

Must we not forget by what is written long time ago, that are two Mexias on this crime, the other is a journalist that i suppose can be correlated with large tragedies, then must i also presume, that part of this media construction aims a mask.

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