quinta-feira, setembro 07, 2017


07 09 2017 international conspiracy crime 37:06:26

Second version 28 08 2017

crimes by illegal remote control and access to my pc, robber of digitalized documents, a page on last manuscript extract;  the same continuous crimes of adulterations on videos,  the Hand, the Grip and the Breast, the president journalist Maria Ruella Ramos mis en scene; crimes against the republic and the Constitutional chart, a prepared image of prince Charles on you tube, the unbalanced  position, the small dossier, the lips resemblance; the recent video comment in Alcantara, tsunamis, japan crack, the football player sculpture; Lapis lazuli, the line of the debt , the feltro pen adulteration, the connection with Freitas do Amaral, Visão 95, ONU, connects also Catarina Vaz Pinto recent Expresso image, some more comments on Factos de Banho, TV RTP 1 series, and Climax disco, American senator McCain last comment image and the expression of the tourbillions,  the New England bed and connections with captain Sky, London tragedies, many junctions of large tragedies, the letter to HM the Queen, recent published, the Bible magazine commix subjects and a blood reflex in the first analyse, the Lady signed text, the french connections, the rose romance rules, from Photo revue 84,  the resemblance image with Spanish actress Assumpta Serna, the Killer lady with stilettos, the three key images, as key of the point of the princess Diana death analyze, the cats memory from my childhood, the Foreigner affairs chapel and Our Lady with a child in arms without the head, the fact memory concerning a garden party and a reaction of prince Charles, and a cats box tunes machine, the proof of the construction around this theme of the Zenha campaign made with the other side of the Atlantic, Ted Kennedy, Olaf Palmer, the robber of my signature after my publishing, images of the storyboards of Zenha campaign and the explanation concerning Obama signature and the pass on Yahoo,   the NATO man just after mis en scene, the broken baton, a cancelling code of the electronic card, a trick crime already during the robber of my son, Medis pass,

Then after this comment, the change on whether the tempest and the thunder, the bath rain and a children pool like the one in big at recent Nicole Kidman Vogue interview, the recent sub lines of perfumes’, this facts had further developments, namely the place of the pool is also the place of a not far away pass with Durão Barroso or an alias of him, and a Bandarilha or a stiletto to kill bulls, the connections with brains psychiatrics trepanation crimes and JF Kennedy assassination

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