sexta-feira, outubro 06, 2017

04 10 2017 to Obama, Principe Harry and all, about a yahoo news if true


In this video for the criminal reasons of robber, I approach again the previous news with Obama on yahoo, and the links and values with the Zenha presidential campaign, Ted Kennedy and Olaf Palmer. Again I show and comment this story board.

Some times this news are a way of just fishing and understand what a certain person knows or remember about some facts, indeed there are more facts during this decade around Canada as all can remember, namely my criminal accusations against Socrates, some climacteric disgraces there’s at the time of another one, Tabokan, These criminal accusations whore sent by me to Curia, the European Criminal Court.

I had to re due this video again today, because during the few hours that I reach to sleep, they succeed again to change the first edition, cut the head that says namely the time consuming due these crimes

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