terça-feira, outubro 17, 2017

16 10 2017 Sunday evening constant crimes and criminal illusions done by medias and criminals around the bandit socrates, ex pt pm

The Linda Mc Cartney photo that many unknown are trying to correlate with the CM cover last Thursday with the bandit Socrates, ex PM PT as described on the upper video. This photo is in the ZOOM 93, in a sequence that was analysed some large years ago within John Lennon assassination and by other themes, one recently re-entered again, and stole, the Heather, daughter of bot, Linda and Paul, in my PP with the title Amber, recent sub line deep amber yahoo, that is important eve in the 911 context analyses, the octopus figure and not only.

As I say, I suppose this particular photo only see in half here, can be adulterated meanwhile, at least my memory image is slight different in the detail that CM had used to build the resemblance with the face of the bandit Socrates last Thursday cover

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