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As you can confirm by my already published extracts, some of the sheet process of “Lentes de Contacto” TV series for public television years 91 to 93, published at my blog The Price of a Son and Modern Slavery


In the square of American themes analyses, have been just before changed at my home, from the ones that first, have illegal and criminal daily basis access to my home and everything inside, and this is always part of the criminal process of disguising, suggesting erroneous interpretation by changing content and protecting criminal interests or just for fun as some other criminal says, ways to perpetuate a crime and the crime labyrinth, a cruel reality for someone that do not nothing about his son from 2007, I suppose some can agree!

For this criminal fact, must I give always the same advice to all, the need to check if the texts, scans of photo copies that wore in my archive company dossier, correspond indeed to the originals ones, namely the ones sent at the sometime, to the Public Television, youth department, RTP/ canal 2.

As usual in this crime of international conspiracy with more than years, a strange detail, appeared on this preparation reading done by many, a kind of apparent writing words , a sentence in this particular case, a text on a segment at the football club of Estoril, near Lisbon, that can have by this error, a precise meaning in the actual context on my analyses, and this is the way that they all build many stories around my researches and accusations, first they enter all my house, including this one, my pc, then they know exactly where I’m and they star building around even changing archives if necessary.

This kind of adulteration of archives if you see the photo copies, seems original which means, done at the time of the writing of these elements that whore always sent with each of the episodes of the series as ruled on the contract of production, then this type of crimes always raise the systematic doubt on the mind of the one that inducted discover these changes, because we cannot know precisely if this is a new forgery, a lapsus , an unconscious message for the future or even someone perverted criminal that used the archives to disguise a kind of secret accountability concerning some eventually criminal acts, that at the light of this thoughts, can been even done in different times, or at the series times, or after when for instance they forgery them.

Of course there is a precise meaning in this adulteration, even reflected or mirrored not far away from America, yahoo, and by some construction done by the actual president Trumps or around and using his images, the GOP line and sub lines, as accounted form me in different recent analyses.

In the detected by me, inductor passes to promote this lecture, two must I speak, the first one is a current one, the subtle changes in the position of the objects at home, for instance is this case the position of the dossier among others. The other one detected is more subtle and square what I recent also comment about the strange behaviours of my father Sundays when they came visit me, a subtle induction that can be read always in multiple senses, when for instance sitting in the Italian sofa saying something in the kind, this is dirty, and in realty there was a dirty on the sofa at time, some cigar ash , as the same time, that the dossier was already subtle move and is by side of the sofa, so subtle that sometimes, this led me to ask many times, but some of the criminals fuckers psychiatrics had hypnotize him previous, or inducted? Or are the criminal that due these crimes at my home within the robber of my son and my slavery, the ones that had him in they hand, that obliged him?

This normally happens after they launch, which means that this can be done meanwhile and do not worth to ask him after, because he always seems to not remember anything.

This theme, which means, the precise context of this crime concerning the Lentes de Contacto texts will have further development in future extracts.

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