sexta-feira, novembro 24, 2017


AS YOU ALL KNOW THESE TERRORISTS THAT ILLEGAL ENTER MY HOME EVERY DAYS, not only stole energy, but also made strange crimes and passes with the counter of electricity, that as you know, is first of all by the form draw, the pirate eye sub line, many times show in videos, and this simple facts shows that they had arranged all this for years, they also use these crimes to inducted cognitive dissonances and others , like when they are making a lot of criminal efforts to change the manuscript pages that for instance i m writing 

two Saturdays ago, if a remember well, my mom came with this photocopy of a EDP paper, asking me to put the reading, which means first of all a conjunct of numbers that they change in the fields and do not have any correspondence with for instance the online form to fill, as proven behind any reasonable doubt 

two pages , the first one a note bring by my father last Saturday, this affront is immense, and my answer

in the middle of the lines, because i do not have time or PC to write it.

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