quinta-feira, novembro 16, 2017


After my publishing, the last time I was on this blogger, the time of a new renewal of the free license to work with my editing program which is a crime as described on the past, to my surprise, the codecs whore activated and appears a message on the program saying that there was a new version update. There was no such thing but during the apparently update, they had inject a lot of code on my PC system, I saw around 34 cpu activity in the magic application for a while, that was connected to this cable of the vodafone connection, then after a while, all the system was down and still is.

Of course these constant attacks and impeachment crimes are multilevel purposes, and in this particular one had target, the erase of all my current documents, proofs of their crimes, and the historic of my navigations, namely for instance the apparently bizarre constructions through the image of the en PR and junker in a press conference, and the image on the presence of the queen Leticia from Spain.

I still demand these peoples on jail!


About the constant acts of torture and homicide attenpts, once again they had first infected me, after they dope me, and then they had enter the house, during my sleep and also during my absence.

I deducted they had check or change the lock system on the door, because there was a glue tape there, that was different position when I came home.

I always say, how these peoples can do this in total inpunity, and perhaps with the forced cooperation of my father.

It appears now on the writing, a police, and can be possible, because you all know, again I had stress some of my accusation against the public attorney, and the unanwsers complaints and proofs of their active participation in this crime of international conspiracy, and independent of the fact of being obliged by them, this also makes him accomplish of these crimes of torture, pain and constant attempts of murder.

I also remark that the metal security bar on the kitchen window is cut out, which means that they have entered my absence, cut it, prepared the entrance, or a second way to enter.


My mother just passed home today, 13 11 2017, and she is not normally during the weekend, according to her information last saturday, my father was already out of the hospital in the next monday after the internment as accounted in recent text. This Saturday, I did not see him, my mother says that he was in the car, and today she was alone and did not say anything about him.

In this multilevei attack done by these criminal means, they also had access my current
manuscript, and again they have succeeded to produce changes in the pages numeration.

Which means, at least yesterday I had detected, one page that seems to be a photocopy, first they had changed the paper also at my home as accounted in recent video, and this say, that they robber first some pages, then they changed some and replace with one photocopy where the change numbers and eventually missing content has been meanwhile adulterated.

I can not be 100 sure but it seems that they also robber at least to pen and change by another, and of course they had full access to my pc, which means they have already all the technical numbers that allows them later criminal control.

Some of the aspects of the already partial commentary in last video published of Queen Letizia Tv SIC image can even fit in these recent crimes, I will explain why I sustain this lecture after if I still have the occasion.


Still going on the constant presence of different peoples in the upper rooms, lights blinking, noises of all type during all the night, this are the complementary strategies of torture and aim to facilitate the robber and inducted even rem controls. More than ten years, the NAZI reality of these crimes without any answers to name of this!

Last time that I was at home, also to pass in Amilcar house upper, they start bang really heavy, after when we all cross on the lifter atrium in the building apparently there were two Brazilian workers with him, passing optical fiber, and I what the need of the hammer is, apparently to pass the optical cables which is of course to lie, and show them active participation or obligation on these crimes, and with a surplus, one of them was showing me a light on the phone again without any sense other, that a recent line as you know, within these PS criminals pass around the lecture on water


As you all know I'm writing on England and not only tragedies, and even though these statements may be understood, the visuals, namely with the PT PR, Junker, and Leticia, can fit in some of the current analysis.

These points are again a criminal charge against all the Portuguese and European authorities, by the consent of these crimes and they active participation in them.

Write in 13 11 2017, and not published by impeachment crime. I suppose one of the things that they have still during my sleep,was the password to goggle accounts, and then after they had changed it on line to block my access. Why I say this, because I have also tried the last one, and the information from google was corrected, that the password was changed at the time that I had change it

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