sexta-feira, novembro 24, 2017


these last navigation images some published today, whore as you all know at the time of this attack against all my equipment, robber of  files, and impeachment, among a current attempt to murder me, and the Queen image is also comment in the video with the link in the previous post around beauties, how can we think in crimes, sure a mistaken perception nothing accordingly to the back European Nazi reality 

Letezia at the SIC bandits Television and the mode police as the man call him self or something in the kind

and an old line of PDV about , who wanted at time the skin of her, and saying among others curious statements that she was a Trojan horse in the Spanish monarchy, in the best of possibility she was a mare , but what can he expect of journalists today, this afternoon in a bus pub, about a radio, saying, RR, the one that have no fake news, which i suppose is a admission of the usual abnormal and Nazi realty that they call information  

as perhaps you can notice there is a shooting star and an impossible fill of hair near that came from her  hear, certainly the reason , medical one, for the upper lifters, because as all know when fills of hair like these one birth on the hears specially with stars this can be dangerous to the health of peoples, nerveless i will stay for the moment here, because the good think is the inspiration to kiss Penelope

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