sábado, dezembro 16, 2017

a second candle reading at my blog to the great britain beloved one and another figure at the imperial veal panel

This first figure, upper the imperial veal, see anterior posts, can be understood as a kind of rosted chicken with a snake feet, a theme also in the table by the beatifull vestal by side of robbie williams in a recent commenty news and photo, published at my other blog ouro sobre azul blogspot.pt, with the gosse eggs on the neck collar last time that I was here online that correspoond to my last posts, I also see another stange news on CM bandits association, the same day of the man hit and death by the veal at Alentejo farm, of a young lady apparently murder and roated in london, by a couple that seems hire her.

The figure also points a connection with the imperial veal. Farm, a word that is used the first time that Blair enter the Queens palace after his election, says the man of the chamber, that mam, is pronnunced not as farm or ham. In the movie of Stephan Friars

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