segunda-feira, janeiro 02, 2017

and an extract of my actual doc where some of these aspects concerning, Obama, Dylan, Nobel, Gutierres, fall of planes and work on kitchen are approach, also with these seq of stars context

this is the second seq on Stars that i have on my photo magazines collections, and was analyze long time ago on my book of life, this blog.

just now I copy the files from the camera card and some are apparently already missing, at least two and I suppose some also had a prepared ink, by unknown terrorist third part, as I listen in spirit. 

because others photos that I m shooting at home from my archives, are adulterated by professionals on the originals magazines and also as i gave the account recent, some are missing, like the ones of supporting of the analyzing of J.F Kennedy assassination and for instance the sequence of photos act by Nicole Kidman as Marilyn Monroe, the pearl collar.

if I remember well this photos account a story or a cross that had recent developments as comment at time, by a photo of Bruce Springsteen in the DN  bandits cover, here in Portugal, that mix at time, some very stressing other sub lines like the baby doll, and planes crash ans smash bodies.

sub lines included on the first analyze whore, the breast of a knife of a certain mark (hernia); a relation between meanings of Bruce photo with also some aspects of the death of a Portuguese guitarist, Carlos Paredes. 

i will try to put the missing photos after 

also today i add some photos to a recent post, 

the inducted dream with Gwen fall, that had some prepared developments in Calvary, this will be explain after in details