sexta-feira, janeiro 06, 2017

23 to 34, new extract of my actual manuscipt

the Christmas note that was on my home table, with two gifts that apparently is from my mother, or a forgery

as you can see, there is apparently a wrong word, Lea, and also the signature is not from my mother. Perhaps after my parents being there someone of the fuckers terrorists that still have illegal access to my home and enter every days, had change the note just to build a new line of this operation
that as explained and proved also mingle the recent image act by the actual president of this corrupt and Nazi republic in newspapers, the chair the hand and the wave and before as also explained, the image of him with the Great Britain Queen.

there was also the weekly money plus 50 euros and two gifts, the japan dishes and a cup from a old friend, or at least apparently because there was also a note signed by this lady friend. this sub line of the wing and the cup, had also further developments accounted in this blog, the sub line act by the dragons president football club of Porto around the death of princess LEILA. The account under

as explained in recent comments, these two invoices correspond to the first day of my informatics software and the Worten one is very strange as you can understand.

this is target of some recent video comments, and is integrate part of a very well complex mounted by many operation

a document of 44 pages wrote and published this September about this subject and also another that had return, California sea tragedy