terça-feira, janeiro 10, 2017

a news about a Obama comment on these crimes


and Mr president where are the axiomatic answers, because as you know this is not only a Russian or Martian problem!

windows 10 pro, resume crimes on software

these crimes are as all know included on this complex terrorists operation, and the crime of shutdown the PC, that again occurred now during these publications, the fuckers terrorist had already change the setting son this video, in my you tube page was locked. because many screen in show, they will reduce the resolution. 


this video is a resume remembering some facts in this time line 

once again as in the last day that I published an extract, the system here in the shop PC goes down, and Im asking if this is a crime of robber of adulteration

page 57 to 65 of my actual manuscipt

page 46 to 56 of my actual manuscript

nicole, gwen, kitchen, 911, obama, trumps

and this extract also, can help remember some of the contextual facts around this complex operation of the hurry works on kitchen with Nicole lost phone numbers to make fall airplanes. 58m 29 s

monica belluci , contract des loups, the hand the grip, the seed, the bed, 2 part

this extract is correlated with the previous part of my actual published manuscript under.14m:16s