terça-feira, janeiro 24, 2017

another cover today, with the opposite candidate ( the actual Pr under) again recent both comment

by reasons of the crime against me , my son and many others and namely by the aneurysm attempt of murder just before the elections, with the active participation of SIC TV and DN as explained at time .

must I cut the title in se da ria, aveiro, um erro, tremendo, ante cip ar , ele lei co til espanhol, oe espanhol, marazzi, i presume?

some of the photos of support of my last published manuscript, that are draw on it, the terrorist had change the numbers, but you can confirm by my draws

sequence movie, Le contract de loups avec Monica Bellucci

and the x hamster movie, that bring all these themes on 911, the missing leave, or the green tree, the symbol of the great Mother,  and tsunamis, the cubic stone of the sea, and aliases together, like Nicole Kidman, Gisele Bundchen, the Asiatic robot lady from captains sky and the world of tomorrow among others  

at least one of the photos is already stolen, the one that mirrors Diane Arbus, roll of Nicole Kidman

all the photos published now  at 


and another one act again by this president

Diário de Notícias

this photo of him in the cover today of DN, mirrors with a lot of similitude one of the photos of the magazines of photos that i have at my home, that i also comment recent due reasons of different crimes, and i did not invite him to my home or show to him my archive. the difference is that in the original , is a beautiful lady with a kind of moon stone in the collar neck . Of course the image come from another beauty , Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart 

this man is acting as a mirror always, in these constant crimes

again and already a crime!!!!!

i just notice now that my work on Annie photo of Anne H, has already been adulterated, as I see on the post under, there was not a shadow image of her in my original. Everyday is worst this constant adulteration and robber of all my work, just to justify the robber of a son, the robber of  a trillion, my slavery during all these more than ten years and international crimes of terrorism 

I wont these fuckers criminal in front of a court

These terrorists are spending a lot of money to contract peoples that due constantly these crimes and as i state many times, behind this are always criminal reasons and motives.

the sadistic perversity of all these criminals is without limit, many yours i has spent to do this work!!!!!!! 

Yasmina and the Queen version with 1 40 13 13

I hope that the terrorist do not change this new version due by previous adulteration on last one under published in this link


24 01 2017 some developments on comments on last video published, Yasmine and the Queen

this comment fallow the last video under published that also be again re publish upper, due the crimes on adulteration that are visible on the last version, published under, part one and two together more the slide show , that i had call, Yasmine and the Queen.

once again due these constant crimes of illegal spying, robber, impeachment and informatics crimes, I spend more two days trying to put the PC working again!!!!


kiss on Anne Hathaway photo done by Annie Leibovitz used in criminal way by CM

this kiss on Anne Hathaway photo done by Annie Leibovitz , that some times I call, hat away, was stolen from my PC and used last Friday on CM newspaper on a photo of Pedro Passos Coelho, ex PM and ex secretary of the Portuguese elephants as explained on one of the videos upload today.

my work full size to see well the mirror that they had created

at https://eubeijote.blogspot.com/2017/01/kiss-on-anne-hathaway-photo-done-by.html

others photos of her on line at, this one is particular beauty