sexta-feira, janeiro 27, 2017

two photos correlated with recent analyzes

the frig image, the blood on Gutierres ONU face in the meeting at Russia with Putin , just before the fall of the Brazilian plane and death of some ambassadors  

Helena , is the image of the cover of vogue approached on some of my video comments, the one that was in a street published with french titles, the beginning of the sub line of the seed on beds

queixa crime contra Vodafone e terceiros desconhecidos por roubo de inf. versao revista

zo do om do infinito do mar, documentos anexados e quatro frames com o conteudo deste documento

seems that by docs. com, i can embedded it .
to facilitate checking if they had produce adulteration's i upload these thumbnails from the documents pages

this is the photo that made actual horse president of this corrupted republic on the Nazis hands had mirror as usual on a daily newspaper, Dn

these criminals and terrorists are doing all the efforts to impeach the embedded mode of my last published documents, namely pdf, like the one just now published under, and this is a way to facilitate then adulteration in the content.

the doc of support that i upload now to google doc, says when i try to open in their application to after can export in a embedded mode, say that is not possible because the doc is password protected witch is false, and this is a crime

zo do om do infinito do mar anexo documentos fotograficos e outros