segunda-feira, fevereiro 06, 2017


this man had cut the possibility that I take the photos of the last screen with this at least strange dialogue, at the end, he disconnected even not allowing me to say goodbye and without solving the problem

for now after all this the activate message on my pc screen disappeared, magical, must I  presume

the office still not activate

THE MICROSOFT CRIMINAL SAGA, the constant crimes of impeachment, spying and robber of information

Against all the rights that are granted by the law and with the accomplice criminal silence of all authorities, Portuguese and Europeans

day 4 of this month, the message at apparently Microsoft site, was that the key of my OFFICE was not activate by the vendor, a never seen crime, certainly a technological innovation

Each time that i connect my PC at this Vodafone connection at the Av Prior do Crato shop when I arrive home in the root of the system, appears this two enigmatic accounts , one with a capital letter in the beginning and another without WCMSVC ?