quinta-feira, fevereiro 16, 2017

third time that I embedded the first extract of my accusation against Microsoft, Rsop, and the terrorist online disarranged the view, but the doc is still available by the link


once again as visible, in the first extract today published with these doc upload at docs.com Microsoft, the images that proof the crimes are blurred

and this is a recurrent impeachment crime that allows them after to star change the photos, by forgery.
By this reason this is a crime complaint and a demand of immediate criminal inquiry

about accounts, access and rights, extract of my accusation against Microsoft

queixa crime contra a microsoft , extracto, Rsop

15 02 2017. Obama and Trumps photographs and others news if news, first part

perhaps the new intimate movie that they are talking about not only in Portugal as also in America

normally in this international conspiracy crime, each time that terrorists made large disgraces, like fall of planes or bombs they immediately start after with constructions around lecher crimes.

An extract of a  beautiful animation  movie,  that is available at Xhamster.pt in the section Hentai with the name Damnation.

16 02 2017 queixa crime contra a EDP, relembrando que todas as anteriores se encontram sem respostas!!!!!