segunda-feira, fevereiro 20, 2017

the Cubic Stone of the Sea, Belem readings with Nicole Kidman

Near the river there is an old ferry boat station, the first electric central of Lisbon, a building in brick, the discover standard monument, with a giant Sword up and the figures of the mans of others century’s that had look overseas, or the kingdom of Prestes João in Ethiopia

By the side of the electric plant, a cubic stone on the river in this day with a seagull sit like calling my attention.

Cubic stone, a form that was already in my conscience from large years before, as one that exist in the pulpit of the Australian parliament, in this moment an idea glue, the cubic stone was also the cubic stone of the sea

A hungry god that once made and throw a rock so large and heavy that made a tsunami, and must we also suppose, a heavy reason of hungriness.
And what can have been the reason of this hungriness, must then we ask if is the case?

This day at Belen, I saw Nicole Kidman, a Pirate Lady of Happy magazine with the red snake glove and a runner that runs like a Hamster on a round petrol tank

Also, a War, a Zero Bomber, A ring put on Love, the foot print in rock of a horse or a beast, a small fallen fish,a tropical ambience, a phone advertising with 1,2,3, infinity, a kind of Kubrick 2010 inverted Theme,

The happy lady with a punch on the eye as in London 90´, a perfume of stories around child abuses, two ladies, and a melting kiss

The ferry station was empty as in another time, like my love had lost the transatlantic boat after the potato hungry in Ireland

A rock wing over the sea, two flaps, or a hole between them

The mark of a crack and a foot print

A cubic stone, a seagull, a happy lady, and an imago mundi of the ferry s station'        

A melting kiss like a falcon that enter a tower with the reflex of the stone and the sword

A war, a Zero, a phone, a space coin, a Kubrick suggestion

The green arc of the auto of the first infinite of the Sea, 1,2,3, ABC, the second one, the vase of the phone call, the Rose triangle the circle of the cubic stone, homeland of the kanguru, and the runner energy of the old

Belem power plant, a brick warehouse like kinky cm at Los Angeles

Or in Portugal the Kin com, the Cristina Penha Coutinho com, The lady with the scar face at the phone

Some of these photos have been stolen from my archives of line
Namely one at the old ferry station where is show the hand on a crescent flowers moon

And the interior of the station with the absent love

A motorbike that had as plaque id, a reference to an Ox, or a kind of bull, and a mark vase

A ford fiesta, that suggest a fiesta as place of that wing that made a crack and a mark, Madeira star seems the write says

The monument that is visible on Nicole Kidman kiss reflex, is the Padrão dos descobrimentos, and is a symbol a a rock and the sword, also the name of a blog with the address Portucale, CDS/ PP, group and corruption crimes, 3 000 illegal cut threes, the same number as NY 911

1, 2, 3, was the name f Carlos Cruz TV show, a kind of contest, a man that is arrest within the Casa Pia child abuse case

Portucale, the spelling says, Porto, Lacy of a lady Piaf from Mia

This lady that was in a pub in this day, appears years after on a Happy cover, with a red long glove, After I cut my hand, then the red snake that cut my hand

I suppose as I told, that this lady appears also one morning in this building very early with Miguel Maia and another lady, a kind of  disco body guard, like she has arrest by him, and then I heard very strange noises on the upper floor, like an abuse

The corrector says, Maia, May, Mia from the Mary Mafia from Gaia, Maya, Gaia, May first one, Da principal  do homem do ia do correio da maid da principal da casa pia da j ava, a do Mac da math.