sábado, março 25, 2017

again a stolen link with my last manuscript extract


This is for the moment the right link for the last manuscript extract published that was already stolen from this blog, and first have been target of previous crimes in Google during the upload as explained in last video under published, the extract must have 401 pages.

For this crime I maintain the criminal complaint against Google or third unknown part as also Vodafone the internet provider and blogger application 

and again a crime of illegal entrance at my home

At  least two documents stolen, the letter with my suspension from the SPA, just after my last video comment, and a chart of the accounts of my company , a subject also approached within my accusation against Portuguese finances , the first question arisen with accounts peoples and taxes also.

Just now on TV at Rome, the European lider s speak about a Europe that respect human rigths and law!

and again they had kill with the same crimes of robber and adulteration, the throne echo or image and the submarine in MSN