sexta-feira, maio 12, 2017

more three pages of my criminal accusation about the crime committed against me by the nazis psychiactris

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The psychiatric crimes

transatlantic calls, giant waves, and lunar subjects     

and also some of the last published documents referred under

A recent news on yahoo, with a lady in scalp, beatifull and hungry and by side Condolezza Rice, long time do not see

Just after publishing at my blog Ouro sobre Azul, some photos of a sequence where an African lady appears , with a death chicken, and seeing a nuclear explosion in her bed mirror among others photos, values and meanings.

This sequence of both images , the beauty and Condolezza side by side, is a reflex on one of the short stories of Manara recently comment on video, Senza Titolo, or without title, when the presence of the Chile Lady president here at Lisbon, and a strange as usual photo of her with the criminal horse president ( this theme is already comment on the actual extracts published in the upper mentioned blog, to the French beloved one.
Then must I suppose and ask that Condolezza Rice have made some sums on tsunamis subjects?

The last time I see her at distance on photo was dress in pink rose not martini, but dress playing piano to the GB HM in a visit some years ago.

A published here one of the Manara draws concerning this stories, and others of the same album, by values already explained, like the one that correlate the presence of the Chile president, The blue period of Picasso, and others at the French beloved one blog

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furhter comment on last publihsed news Trumps, FBI

The last photo of president Trumps and the news of the FBI demission, published in the under post have some significant details, like

the branch of Olive, or Oliveira in Portuguese, from Olivedesportos, tat is quoted on my book of life by a crime of corruption's trough the public television ( RTP) and rights on football matches, which can be understood as a child or a kind of child.

The arrows on the Eagle hand, a symbol that is also correlated with NASA falls as the moto on the American flag correlates the recent facts on the Benfica stadium, namely when recent I buy ink on Media market.
There is a development on the eagle reading that will be account on the further manuscript extract. Last part published at my blog where in last time publishing i also published a extract from page 51 to 100 of the above referred manuscript extract

Also as usual by the address on the photo itself, there is a reference to BBAXlRH[1],wich can be read as, a BB from BA, and, BBA , bank, first mark, circle it socialist English mason, first man and the last references on BBA, as approximation, a reference to the screw without end readings on the façade of a bank with a approximative acronym at Liberty Avenue Lisbon, a reference to EXPO time and Archimedes principles, the screw without end, or the waters elevations, matters that are also integrate part of the London bombs analyses in 2007, Lux invitation factory of guns and munitions, arm of silver