segunda-feira, junho 05, 2017

the bear gear eye of the exterminator

Perhaps sweet people of the world, did you do not notice that the sub line coming from Gwen/ TOUS/ the little BEAR/pub/ NASA subjects, is also reflected in my notes during the crime committed against me of compulsory internment of the psychiatric hospital, at the metal door of Swatch house there, that is a bear representation with an EYE that is indeed a gear, a fact that also mix the current analyse coming from the PR 84 issues with Adjani cover

addenda to the last post

There are at least two more possible mirror meanings in the above Trumps photo in the square of my current analyses, one is the value and the continuity of the sub line coming from the states, around the snake that scroll in the floor, the lady senator statement about Obama and the money on politic conferences at Washington DC, ( the last beattifull one that i saw and can interpreted as image, was Miley Cyrus with wide open legs and white triangle of waters, not necessary wide open eyes) that can be understood on the already extract manuscript, (published at my blog, To the French Beloved One) a development and echo here in Lisbon, the ribbon and the snake movement on my leg and feet, that is also a term concerning the bed seeds, and by these facts and by their nature also the value of the triple cordon , and also as the beans that connects both sides of the brain, within the crime committed against my person in 2013 that still as usual in this Nazi reality without answers.   

some news if news

one of the puzzle components described on upper video, had also another ingredient, on the axe of the palace there was in the night of the star pendulum reading as explained in the video, a very big truck all in black, that star moving in the access to the bridge, in the lateral side there was three fire triangle in light blinking, witch has no sense other as prepared as the image described in all.

one day before I also see approaching the Lisbon airport, a small jet and a big plane with not usual colours

the image and link of Trumps
and the link and image of Salvador

must I read on the upper photo reference, a BB, from the AR, the " parliament" f Boliqueime, witch means, from  Cavaco Silva bandits association

and in the photo reference of Salvador , the BB, BP, HP, sparta N NT TP?