quinta-feira, junho 08, 2017

this is not emotional expression of a sweet face of an Angel

As you all can see, the emotional expression of this boy that recently have won the Eurovision contest of this year, a theme that is also on the table of analyse by the albums 91/92 and the recent terror acts namely in Olaf Palmer country, Robots Presidential candidates, Pr 84 / Zenha and Ted Kennedy, is a little different from the dominant one that he had represent on the contest and others apparitions on media's. First was a kind of humble demand of pardon of love and now, like saying, you are fucked and I have contribute for it, must I suppose in the context of my video comment, as usual, in love matters or more explicit, castration crimes that aim the maintenance of the slavery crime and the robber of my son?, or more fair to say, in apparently love matters that disguise namely killings as usual in these Nazis strategies! Perhaps part of the price payment?!

Four doctors to fall the his heart condition, must be a wicked joke in the minimum of comprehension, and a reason for a refuse of an American invitation done by a TV anchor?

What honour, attending the sexual lecher crimes that still going on, a flying cucumber must I presume!

Must I also include, in this AB reactions if so, the price of some more blood in London as seems be the news of day 05 06 2017? With a very interesting photo in one of the Portuguese bandits of the Nazis from the newspaper, a conjunct of peoples that seems Arabians behind a police rope and in a hand of a small and innocent boy perhaps with a water gun toy that by the form seems also a kind of plastic cucumber, or can be in this way interpreted.

More strange and even dangerous, this new line, because also refers the important theme on tsunamis, the knife under the bed, Fatal attraction, Sharon Stone, and by the news seems that the blood was done with knifes.

Other of the London images if true in the cover of news paper here, was a lady carrying and like offering a bouquet of flowers to someone that we did not see behind a police rope, and this particular image as the theme, knifes, makes of course a lot of complementary senses namely with the love letter to Silvia published recent and the recent echo of princess of Hasburgos, as recent also accounted on video.

This is true sums a again a very sophisticated construction done trough media's.

The water pistol on the child hands in the another image also links by the look, the Star wars sub line and perhaps the death of Carrie Fischer

Also in this day, in the so call news from America, the same theme as suggested even by Hillary, and in another news, again the same line that still going on about Portuguese rich peoples and jets and boat and helicopters and penthouses and Richard from Virgin and I suppose also Vodafone, or a alias of him, and a line of the text that suggest, more or less, that in the opinion of some, experts, must I presume, when Portuguese peoples do it, strange things arrive, Hillary head line was some of the kind, that she was expecting to be spank, perhaps not the right word but the equivalent meaning, in words must he all hope and presume, because all we know that she is an Angel.

Concerning my repeated and proved many time criminal complaints
Against namely VODAFONE for crimes of robber, spying sexuality and adulteration to promote wars and blood, if Sir Richard, the man above referred still do not any answers, then is fair to ask, is someone having difficulty to sum?

Puritanism is raising again in America and not only, minority's must expect a fight against recent acquired rights, if was proper to say that puritanisms only affect minorities.

A further explanation on a aspect of the post, “Addenda to the last post” published here in this blog day 05 06 2017

I had two ribbons that hold my bag that I'm obliged due the criminal Nazis conditions of this crime to carry each time that I go out of my home, one in black, the one that had broken after a prepared pass as explained in detail in one of the extracts already published of my actual manuscript at my blog, to the French beloved one, and a second one in white that was a trance that after the first one had broken, also this one, perhaps by someone that have prepared without my notice became with all the “nerves” visible, which whore a conjunct of ribbons that form and are enveloped by the outside of the ribbon, and this aspects is indeed, or can be understood, as a representation of the nerves in the vertebral column or between both side of the brain.

and the constant crimes at my home

This Nazis still enter my home everyday that I go out, and still whatever they wont, prepare all kind of arts and destroy equipments, the last one, just now was the second heather of the electrical equipment on the kitchen that was new and these criminals authorized by all the Nazis authorities of the Portuguese state, had already broken it, as the other before, and this new one came on the recent works on the kitchen and wc with Nicole Kidman lost phone numbers, witch means, must I all remember and insist, that the Nazis authorities are covering these crimes because they inscribed these constant pass, crimes and tricks, in the cover and illusion creations that they try to mount around a very complex pass that had made fall a plane in Brazil and kill at least two ambassadors at time as accounted in detail.

Then now I´m using the old one, the Russel one, that as you all know is also integrate part of my actual manuscript by the name values, and as I explain in the past, this heather do not work properly, it was criminal disarranged just after buying it, do not generate the need temperature, and this is part of they criminal strategies namely to create health problems, to make stress, to make me spent more time each time that I must heat or cook something and this is the perversity of these Nazis criminals during more then 10 years.

I demand these Nazis and the authorities that are covering then in front of a court!

EDP SAGA continuation

Day 05 06 2017, there was a Portuguese Nazi newspaper cover, with a new concerning EDP, the Portuguese company of electricity with a photo of the administrator Mexia, a name quoted in my book of life, by many crimes that do not have any answer until now, namely the recent re evoked control and induction on my steps by the public lamps on the streets of this Lisbon within the strategies of the crime against me and my son and many others, is fair to say in this case, just by the simple reason and fact, that making blinking the public lamps shows an illegal technical system of controlling the public electricity that can have other applications and made more easily burn the lamps.

The title say that the process against them was at risk to prescribe, a usual and recurrent crime in countries that do not respects the law and where the courts are curved to interests others then the justice itself, and just need to have money to make prescribe process, as I account some facts that I know directly concerning these criminals methods in my book of life just before the robber of my son, and as sometimes I have remember, this must be also a reason to his.

By the title, they say that EDP receives from the state 900 million years in revenues, but did not specify if from agriculture fields, must we all presume!

The image of Mexia in the cover of the newspaper is a must, you all must see to understand the profound and deeply sense of construction!

At my home, the terrorists still vibrating my lights all around the house synchrony with the places that I m, like for instance when I m going to the toilette, better and worst example of Nazis acts can be and this black criminal reality is going on like this for years!

As I explained must I also presume that some one or more then one is stilling also the electricity and this is a part of the explanation of the constant crimes on the electricity readings also.

This must i also presume, is one of the reason that the subsidiaries company that they contract to came home to make readings never ring my bell, which means and this i m sure, that some one or more, asked them to do not ring the bell, or even change the notice days of readings that they glue on the building door, and this are corruption crimes within the crime of robber of my son and my slavery.

They have also change the on-line apparently EDP page, new fields for the information appeared for the fist time, and they whore doing subliminal blinking passes at the same time that i was trying to fill the informations, amazing!

If true these new fields on they page, still do not correspond properly to the request information that is supported by the readings that the consumer does at home, that as proved is also done in wrong way.

And by these facts arisen of subliminal introductory process, must I also presume, that they had change the values on the lecture.

Must we not forget by what is written long time ago, that are two Mexias on this crime, the other is a journalist that i suppose can be correlated with large tragedies, then must i also presume, that part of this media construction aims a mask.

new posts at to the french beloved one

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Not such a Lone Ranger: Johnny Depp heads out for dinner with girlfriend Amber Heard after posing without her at latest premiere


de manhã e pelo dia fora os suaves torturadores

De manhã os suaves terroristas torturadores, como sempre usando o pretexto de obras, mudanças de janelas no segundo andar como o advogado que me apareceu dentro do elevador quando eu ia a sair, coisa rara e também estranha, começaram logo pela manha com estranhos barulhos de martelos e outros instrumentos cirúrgicos que não correspondem só e necessariamente a mudar os caixilhos das ditas cujas.ou seja como usual durante os mais de dez anos que dura este crime, técnicas de indução, à mistura ou aproveitando em forma síncrona ( SIC) s ditas cujas para induzir por sonhos mensagens certamente secretas sobre mentiras esotéricas ou não das casas brancas do mundo com reflexo nas intervenções ou não da Rússia nas eleições americanas isto depois de ter visto na ultima navegação, me aparecer a Hillary a dizer com face no mínimo preocupada e olhando o alto do céu, que iria ser de novo espancada, eu surpreendido como sempre com estas meta linguagens, a me perguntar por um lado, mas será que foi fazer um filme à kinky com, ou será um dizer metafórico de espancamento verbal e psicológico porventura mais agravante do que um físico, e se calhar até menos traçavel, e por outro a surpresa, pois me dizia em véspera, onde anda a rapariga que nunca mais a vi desde a gargalhada de costas voltada para Trumps no púlpito dizendo ao mundo, mas achais que eu serei menos duro do que Hillary com os russos?

Diziam os terroristas no sonho, algo de um rolls royce branco descapotável e de um colecionar de pelos públicos, a ressoar em linha analíticas recentes já publicadas, sub linha joão cesar monteiro,  salvo erro na outra margem do rio, um provável lugar de abusos, acordei mal disposto, não pelos púbicos que até ao principio pensei, será minha amada a fazer depilação, mas não, pois nem a vi com ou sem pelos, em pelo, depois continuaram a insistir toda a manha e tarde, com as mesmas técnicas de tortura, entram saem batem com as portas do prédio, entram nos elevadores, descem sobem, batem no exterior do meu andar e por ai fora, agora ao entrar no café, um direto das putas da SIC do congresso americano e obviamente um complemento aqui nas noticias se o forem e quem mente ou mentiu afinal?

Respondia-me o advogado dentro do elevador depois cá fora, quando lhe perguntei, se era no andar dele, que não, ao que parece vem morar um novo casal, que precisão amorosa, quem sabe se caçadores de lingerie ou talvez estes dois belos

reforço da minha acusação ao blogger e à google

Num ponto de vista criminal, serve a presente como reforço da minga acusação ao Blogger e à Google, pois esta correção introduzida depois do roubo de diversos documentos manuscritos importantes com analises complexas e detalhadas sobre matérias de sangue, blogues inteiros, sem qualquer explicação complementar indicia a proteção os interesses criminosos dos ladroes, pois se o corrigiram, certamente deverão ter dado conta dos crimes de programação que obstam ao normal expectável funcionamento da aplicação, e consequentemente deverão também ter descoberto quem o fez?

E se não existir prossecução de ação criminal contra os ladroes e falsificadores, mais esta suspeita de ativa participação na cobertura dos crimes se reforça relativamente as entidades acima mencionadas

to the french beloved one linked finally

Finally i reach to add a blog link on the main page, but as usual no answers must i presume discounting the strategy of not assuming crimes of robber and adulteration of information that some time create blood that i must thank God Himself, must all agree that is a kind of Fatima miracle.

The adulteration meanwhile detected on the video about the photo with Dalle cover is the comment of the tattoo of the beauty Dalle, an animal that I remember is very similar to the humans, and of course must be a criminal reason for this, correlated at the many detailed lectures on my blog about Bacardi, pub light on Alcântara same years ago, that speaks about the same animal form and parties

kiss to Elle Mc kanguru

Belo o pequeno jacto em suas delicadas linhas com os airelons numa bela inclinação vinha ontem a descer na suavidade do calor da tarde se bem me lembro da hora, seria minha amada quem me viria visitar?

Se o era provavelmente se perdeu no caminho do aeroporto até casa, talvez uma bela australiana que acabara e ver na ultima sessão online e em todas as sessões online que estes filhos da puta de criminosos continuam a ter constante  ilegal acesso, como por exemplo quando estou em casa, pois hoje pela tarde ao descer a capitão pallas, em frente à janela da avó no meio das pombas esvoaçadas a meu passar, um circulo no chão, com um qualquer dizer, estica-me ou embala-me ou dá-me beijos, que serve para colocar cuequinhas, e o curioso desta tremenda e constante encenação e que como os filhos da puta o saberão tinha eu acabado de ver, a Elle Macpherson numa foto online onde ela tinha na parede algumas peças interiores assim dispostas, e eu me ria pensando, ora aqui temos uma caçadora de bikinis, belo filhote já crescido tem ela, e estranhamente simpática, dizendo ao rapaz pivot da televisão americana que tinha acabado de chegar de avião só para vir falar com ele e lhe dava uma palmadinha na perna ao mesmo tempo, muito engraçado de ser ver e gostoso diria eu em português do brasileiro

08 06 2017 1 part

at the end of this video more or less 18 m 18 s, the recorded was cut by a fucker that as normal was at the time of the recording going up and down on the building lifter.


it seems that lying is the dominant habit, the upper link was on my historic concerning one of the American news that call my attention in my last navigation, and the link today, upper this line, do not correspond any more to what I remember have see, witch means I suppose that one tat have already my video comment recorded already , had also the care to change the link.


Because there was a photo taken from upper of the whorehouse or factory where the shooting occur according the news, and there was visible a particular sign, with a name that if I remember well, was FIARMA or something very close and this phonetic value makes the connection with SIARMA, the company that have done the tricks works in my studio and actual place of living and by previous extension, with the lawyer Mota Soares, already comment in part in last video here published by the strange image news an title, the shadow of Paulo Portas still above the CDS.

This is a very vast line and can t be summarize now, perhaps I will conclude the comment

Indirectly Orlando is also in the table for many subjects as all can understand by my writings