sábado, junho 17, 2017

the constant informatic crimes, i demand these fucker on front of a court

i spend all my afternoon here in the Vodafone shop and these fuckers are doing all kind of crimes reel time during my uploads, pearhaps this video, and what can be an important key prepared as a crime, is already meanwhile changed by these terrorists!

the post 911 iraq cards with womans faces and a small jet accident in america

One of the conversation topic in the last video down published here in this blog, namely when addressing to lady Hillary, is what seems the error of ex president Bush after the 911 and within the Iraq invasion, the cards because as explained in the comment, seem more a conjunct of woman's faces

Here under

other photos of this issue will be published at my other blog to the french beloved one
The cover mentioned with the strange accident with the small jet with an actress, also comment within these meanings and correlations, and knowing that two reactors is also or can be an image of tsunami Japan 2011

A correlation that is established between the vinyl cover of Super Trumps, Breakfast in America, and a draw detail in my actual manuscript

A correlation that is established between the vinyl cover of Super Trumps, Breakfast in America, the strange impossible aeroplane trajectories as in the 911 and the plane, that appears to me during the writing and drawing some of the draws in my last part of my actual manuscript already published.

Here two images to allow the comprehension of this correlations,

the extracts are published at my blog to the french beloved one

The cover already published and the page with the detail of the plane, that by the context for me correlate with the planes 911 s and the aeroplane is in the upper of the colon of the fake D Pedro Quinto, witch in reality correspond to the south American one, Maximiliano, i m speaking about the statue on the centre of Lisbon, Rossio, that as can understood by the already published extracts is mainly here in this sub theme an image and symbol, of the engrenage”, or the gear, a subject also present and coming from the PR 84

the eye of the exterminator, as you all know is a symbol on the bag of draws of my son from

The elite socialist School, Moderno, at the time of his robber, and of course this came from the 80, as described on the analyse of the PR 84 , witch also means a French statement
 At this point in these links at my blog you can find some of the images that are correlated with this important and transversal symbol in many levels and territories and tragedy's.

This sub theme is not concluded


the collage of draws in my son Francisco bag at 2006 from the Moderno college


PR with Adjani cover, the robot candidate


Photo cover with Claudia S


Photo cover with Grace Jones