sábado, junho 24, 2017

a version of this recent video just with charlize conversation, this version is refereed on the first video comment today published

and some artistic frames taken from this video, some of these narratives will be approached further

as all can see these terrorist had cut the last part of the original of this poem reading in my computer

i m asking myself and all, if this is integrant part of arts to made fall planes

the referred connection comment on the video on her images, between the form of the great wave and the gourment that she is using on the PETA photo

the form is on reverse

As you all can see, the normal crime of jamming a sheet during the upload, that many times allows them to change for another one already adulterated, and all the list of blogs did not appears on my dashboards. Now after publishing these two down frames, they started appear. As the same ,they are creating problems on the touch-pad and mouse to difficult my works and gain time to still what they wont from my pc, i demand these fuckers in front of a court

reel time crimes during the upload to blogger this afternoon

Pages 21 to 27 on my criminal complaint delivered to the Portuguese court and European one, in both archived

Pages 21 to 27 on my criminal complaint delivered to the Portuguese court and European one, in both archived, concerning the crime that the NAZIS had committed against me of compulsory and criminal an illegal internment on a psychiatric hospital

These NAZIS Psychiatric s still doing crimes of robber and impeachment of this re publication with the account of they crimes protected by all the Portuguese and European Nazis authorities, that even had deny the basic common law principle of defence, as you al know the recent scans on this document have been robber in the usual crime of inductors process, just some pages on the scans

24 06 2017 london, pedrogão fire among others subjects

some of the recent comment news in last videos

it seems now that the content of the news on trumps is in reverse, the other the link was
stolen from my historic of my navigation, the one of the Spanish abanico,

also they still some artistic photos with Claudia S and they had change online the text as I explained in previous video, and i m asking myself if this is not part of Helmut Schmidt life abbreviation




do you want came dinner?