segunda-feira, julho 31, 2017

crimes of impeachment on Captain Sky movie analyze

These fuckers criminals and terrorists after robber 18 takes or around, had try to disguise it, by cutting the two sequence shoots of the screen of the DVD Captain sky and the world of tomorrow, and they re arranged the sequential order to cover the ones robber, this at first glance, because they also had cut some important parts that are or whore visible on the fists published video, and this raise the same question

Why so many criminal efforts to disguise these adulteration of the DVD? 

link on the 82 frames upload at my blog sea matters

New development on Japan analyse, the crack and the Totem

New development on Japan analyse, the crack on the manuscript, 11 scans, about one of the major figures that appeared, the surf man, the Fido seven up, wire frame, Mc Can Eriksson pub campaign at 90, Cristina Coutinho, and news connections and values, namely with the Octant lady figure, and the TOTEM


31 07 2017 crimes during the upload trough Vodafone, Google and Blogger

As can be understood in this small extract perhaps already adulterate, these fuckers terrorists had as always changed during the upload trough the Vodafone connection o the serve of Goggle, in Blogger application , the scans of BIT BIT edition, or the proof of the concept card robber and in particular they had also reduce the image of the meeting of the Portuguese informatics association, with the presence of the bandit Mario Soares?

What they are trying to disguise in this way?

An important adulteration, or even the responsibility on the abbreviation of Mario Soares life?

I demand as always the answers that are due according the law

link of the mentioned publication at my new blog


changes in previous published video

these criminals have robber and changed with the same sequential number, one take in the last video under, they put a take with Gwen and Jude from my recent screen shoots of the movie Captain Sky and the World of Tomorrow, and of course with a very particular meaning or and induction.

these terrorists still have reel time access to my PC

I demand all then in front of a court!