quarta-feira, agosto 23, 2017

due the constant crimes of robber and adulteration of information that as proven some times is used to conduct others to death

and after receiving the under criminal ironical at least apparently or not complaint by violations of a community that must i also suppose is a kind of phantoms one, made by thieves  that never answer, the robber of you tube concept worth some large years ago, already 3 billion dollars, and as you all know i live from charity without knowing nothing about my only son if mine from 2007,in this version if meanwhile not adulterated, is also included the part that as explained in previous post was changed in the last upload, 

probably these criminal had used this notice to still or to change some other previous content, of course this are always miner questions to you tube and blogger communities if ones

of course one of the bandits actual problems is trying to disguise what they had erased in the previous video changed by them, the proof of one of the recent possibilities of robber by illegal entering my home , and this was show on the image and the Nazis cut 

crime complaint against youtube, Vodafone and google

last day i have upload two videos, and again as happening in all the videos uploads from this last month, all are changed or during the upload or after, and i have present as all know many complaints some send trough the application so call feedback and as normal during all these years i do not get any answers, as all know and i consider proved this application, you tube, is a product of a robber of one of my applications, an innovation at time, the Canal Zero, then in a crime of a robber of a son, and slavery that also benefits google groups companies and subsidiaries, is normal to expect no answers, because as all know bandits and thieves do not answer.

in the last two video uploads , they have replace one with part of anther and had change the content,,


in the video above refereed, that also touch important terrorism acts like the fall of 4 planes after the BR football, and for this reason, as i have been saying and show, by the content that i m publishing some of the components of this tragedies and killings are done trough adulteration on you tube content

today now when i m trying to upload appears this notice that perhaps can be even fake, and i hope so, because if not, i will charge you tube and google by the suspicious at least of covering international acts of terror.  the notice or whatever they call, in the frame down grabbed from the screen apparently have a link to a possible replay but as usual do not work

and this reinforce the suspicion of covering acts of international terrorism, because they are doing this to impeach also that i can up load the content that they had change last time that i was here trying to upload 

the reason to show this content are explained in detail and i will not repeated them.

i insist in the answers that are due to me and my son by law!