terça-feira, novembro 28, 2017



The crimes on electricity and not only

In the video under, I show again the constant blinking lights at my office, that still going on and had as result again last week to broke a lamp, and this is again the one thousand proof, on the illegal access and control of the electricity home networks, and i m sure this only can be with the knowledge and consent of my father as described on last saga text of these constant crimes, that aim not only my disbelief, but also part of the criminal strategies of robber on my son and his maintenance, as my slavery.

Must I remember all, that my father if my father worked previous on the Portuguese public electricity company, EDP.

For instance this time, my mam come saturday and bring the letter of fake letter that is also published under in this blog, where I explain for the one thousand times, these crimes, act in a strang way that show to me immediatly, there is something wrong now, with this apparently and again needed on urgent reading, and the first ideia that cames to my mind, is if they used the hand write numbers to change the sheets on my actual manuscript that they had suceed, it seems to change meanwhile, as notice and described before, im speaking about the actual manuscript on london bombs and not only.

Then also as this time of the crimes timeline, they had impeach me in all the possible ways to work and published, they had even change the google password access, and this I will believe was done by illegal entrance at my home, and each day more I believe that this crimes, is also done with the agreement of my father, because the paper wit the password was on my wallet, where again during these last weeks they also succeed to robber some money as recurrent crime during more then 10 years.

I m starting asking myself with they have obliged my father in a kind of criminal agreement like for instance to give to a thief all my work online and this can explain whay they always robber the the external drives with the all my works. As you all know I believe and sustain that ione of the major motivations for this crimes, is pure robber of all my live and patrimony

the lifter crime

today I try to phone the company that runs the bulding, the phone number that is on a card at the entrance door, says that do not attend, wich menas they have planified all this at the detail and the lifter still always disrregulated between florrs, and one of the purpose are to brake again my knees, due the heigth that I must carry in the charriot and the position to put and take it off, the charriot from the lifter.

I suppose saw Francisco mother in the surrondings

At the same time as usual they robber a lot of information, and also it seems that I have saw Francisco mother in this surroundings, one of this days, in a Citroen c3 blue car, then the sum for me, at least in suspicion terms, is always the same, these terrorists still have my father curved to they interests and this can be done only by blackmail or worst, is actively participating on this crime of robber of my son and decurrent slavery, one thing at this point is sure, entrances at my home, after infecting, doping, are always connected with robbers of information's and not only.

The robber of a bed shoe at my home and a complex as usual preppared and display scene

This last weekend when they both had come to my home, at a certain point my father say if a have buy new boots, a terms as you all know is in the table by many values and meanings, and of course I did not buy any new boots, but the had previous stolen a sandalia from my house in the last week before, and this are the constant iniquity and tremendous affront that i m suggested to live and work from theses last more then 10 years, and this also says to me, that he already kneed that some one, if not himself, had succeed to stole one sleeping bed shoes. Is this a a kind of fiction about love matters and love fights, point of interrogation, I suppose that the crime itself says clearly the contrary, these are the Nazi conditions of the life toady in this Nazi Europe where all he rights including the human rights are not respected.

And of course this shoe stolen line had a prepared scene the last Sunday, after this facts above accounted, at Calvary, which also means that they obliged him and my mother to active participating on them.

Spanish supermerkt day in blood must I presume

The scene started in the Spanish Dia supermarket, with a child with the equivalent bed shoes, a small child, that was apparently alone, which is strange enough for it self, he cross me at the cheese and stuffs like that, and he carry a transparent plastic bag with two small beard inside, and puzzling me not only by the shoes, because there is no weather to walk in this way, because he also seems can be foreigner, and one time, I have see a foreigner lady with the same shoes in the winter at Lisbon, which means peoples that are used with others temperatures, or have no money to have good shoes, because he was alone like suggesting a poor and abandon child, and the bag, with the two bread was indeed an image of lungs, and in the supermarket there was also in a cover of one of the bandits newspapers, a new or fake news of a death of a Portuguese actor by a sudden pulmonary disease, with a particularity, is one of the actors of the video poetry on Fernando Pessoa, recent quoted by the destruction of my CD.

At the payment, a toll lady a boy, two bottles of water side by side and a strange action where seems to me hearing, a kind of confession, that she had done it, missing only to know, what precisely.

At the corner, a man all dress in a red suite, a representation of a devil, a recent term also acted during the crime on cash converter as accounted in videos around this subject, and in the other corner, a man that seems act a kind of photograph , like a live session, but strange by the gesture of the model, if one, the on with the red suite.

Then the cab scene, a Asiatic young lady looking very attentive the coming of a cab, also prepared, I suppose, by the cab drive acting, with a pub on Macau, a strange one because the image, a classic image of a travelling youngster group, taking a photo of themselves, was cut by the opening and closing of the cab door, like suggesting in this ways that the lady, was cut or death. Inside the cab, also prepared a kind of suggesting by a unidentified object of a hooker, gancho in gold, behind the back of the back seat.

A new attempt of murder on this continuous attempts to murder me

I arrived one, and a started with a very and sudden strange pulmonary infection, that I still have, and I suppose that I must also considered this as one more attempt of murder, and I m asking if this virus , was not put inside my house when I went shopping, and this made all the peoples that have illegal access to my home, potential suspects of these continuous attempts of murder. This are the Nazis reality and condition on a crime of robber of a son and slavery that no one in this corrupted and Nazi Europe answer

a comment on pedro rolo duarte image death published under in the context od Diana assasination an London bombs at 2007

Strange as usual during this conspiracy, as many images on the newspapers, for instance the one published under about Pedro Rolo Duarte death announcement, is a kind of position that symbolize someone that is speaking to God, or subjected to God will of punishment, must I presume, in the sense that is death and is death occurs as I have already explained in part, in the context of London bombs, and the Albums construction done by Cristina Coutinho that after our relation had became his wife.

Is this again a suggestion of incrimination, interrogation, because this key pad is not working properly, then as must write it.

About the video that i m trying to do and published today

As show in the upper video, that finally I hope to reach to published today, and I stress that may be wrong takes by the criminal reasons, I had try a first encoding on the pc at the internet shop and everything come out of the sequential order, that normally means that these fuckers changed the numbers and some time they also profit to cut and re edit some of them, correspond to the footage recorded just before they kaput all my system and have many subjects approached namely, the tech summit at Lisbon, the Junker and Marcelo press conference at Belem images, at the strange fire, the seconds ones that they claim to have kill 41 persons, Leticia SIC image in part developed in recent posts, and crimes on or done through technologies, many of these subjects still incomplete at this point of my recordings, and then I stay without all the systems, which means some of the subjects whereby approached will be developed in write mode , if a still alive and have conditions to do my work. One of the not concluded line in the video is the taxi driver account after the fires, one say to me that whore a lot, almost a hundred peoples arrest apparently consequence of these fires, which do not have any sense at all, and if true correspond to another reality and of course a criminal lie

I sustain my criminal accusation against all the Portuguese and European institutions, by actively participating on the crime of robber of my son, in these constant attempts of murder and my slavery, and I charge all them by these suspicions, as I m doing from 2011 with any answers.

I demand the full respect of human rights, the rights of myself and my son and the answers that are to us according the law