terça-feira, janeiro 16, 2018


Expresso last Saturday, 13 01 2018, cover with an apparently rivalry between the members of the public attorney and a photo of Guterres in small by side, the Van Dumen name, a case what seems to fit in my last comment, a family name from my childhood at Olivais, two brothers, Pedro Barrigana and the youngster, and a lady that after had become connected with the polices of researches our even with the public attorney, perhaps some crime accounted on Olivais have to do with these peoples, at least this one of the possible interpretation concerning what now appeared on this Expresso cover, that also can fit on my last comments around the African neighbours and other lines as approached in last video comment, and also around Zé Pedro death, Xutos e Pontapés, as accounted long time ago on book of life, the PJ team at Loures concert, and remembering the responsibility of the socialist on his death, the previous pass with the EPAL crimes.
The diamonds traffic at time, as financing UNITA and the socialists, I suppose the cause of Barrigana father death,
Images on MSN, Trumps and the PT elephants, a very ugly face in a group, and a repeated saying from Rui Rios, Angelina in white vestal after dressed in black with the line about the red khemers and tsunami 2005 value, Bali, A kin do Kali, some of the Emmanuelle references.
Entre Rios socialist crimes, 911, London, the robber of my son, Monica Lapa, notes book, remembering the iniquitous show mounted at time at Entre Rios with the Socrates cabinet criminals, the prepared image at the shop, Italian statement, a white helmet and a pillar representation, a fallen one by a lady arm, Amatrice and a recent Christmas pub and account
Some more comment on Diana movie
Some more facts on this last pulmonary attack, some of them in part already account in videos and published written extracts, one connects the baby that slide on the throne as explained in this video,
Portland, Seattle, and Belmiro death, and anther one, the man in charge of public health, some questions
Informatic crimes, tambours inductions, canon, the glue space bar, touchpad, and software’s, I also suppose that as usual they have already change the video codecs.
 Incomplete synopsis part one and two

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