sexta-feira, abril 20, 2018

I’m republishing texts and video readings on my criminal’s accusations within the robber of my only son in 2007, and as the facts have proven by itself, some of the key figures present in the japan panels, (tsunami 2011 Japan and 911), whore already convoked by the criminal facts that arisen within the robber of my son some large years before, and I’m referring here the NINJA figure, that have at least two previous correspondences with my accusation against the Court of Family and Miners of Lisbon, mentioned in the criminal psychological evaluations done at time to my son without my knowledge or agreement,, and within the facts that arisen and are account of the document, the accusation against the supreme court of Portugal and the superior council of Magistracy, and as I say recently as a kind of sum, these tow facts point to me that the terrorists had built namely the Great Wave from there within the robber of my son.

In this accusation published under, against the constitutional court of Portugal, another important figure also appears, a figure that raise again recently within some of major analyzes, the chicken, the roasted chicken, and even with two recently deaths, one in England, grilled on a barbecue, I’m speaking about real young ladies, and another one just after at the carnival in Germany, that also by the accounted facts and analyses mingles also some of the aspects present of the mystifications done around the 911 NY, namely, the impossible object that fall from the towers during the fire, as for instance visible of the Premiere film magazine mystification, on the movie with the same name, 911.

As you all know the roasted chicken is a figure that appears on the Greta Britain panels made at this current time, and reflecting as explained my analyze on Princess Diana assassination at Paris and of course connects other values, namely the FIDO, also present on Japan panels, and the Haunted and wounded Imperial Veal at 86?, also Microsoft images surface and other values already explained

In this document of my accusation against the constitutional court, as you can see in one of my visits there, there is a reference to the upside down chicken in agriculture market, a painting that if I remember well, is from Paula Rego. This symbol also connects the sub line of the Salazar eggs and PT telecom, enterprises among others values.
There is also a figure form Paula Rego present on the Great Britain panels, the first ones, the croma key wall, as described and integrated on my actual analyze concerning princess Diana assassination.

Lisbon, 20 04 2018
Paulo forte  

The document and one page in a second post due the online just now crimes of impeachment at my blog TO THE GREAT BRITAIN ONE

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