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The first reading on Japan Tsunami 2011 and other videos around this tragedy

In this video I try to recover from  old drive  videos around the tsunami of japan 2011, these videos correspond to what I had call, the first series of videos and whore as all this series around 1000 videos, upload to the Google servers before starting use the YouTube.
In a folder now I have these videos that are put all together here, and by the proprieties less the last one, they have as resolution 320x240 and whore apparently encoded at a very low bite rate, 100 kbps.
By these references is advised to make a peritage at Google servers on these videos
The titles and time of each of these segments on the order of his edition are:
1-    12 03 2011, the first lecture, campo de Ourique, tsunami japan, B 52, SIC, imagem da (lam mina) lâmina da Gisele, Length 17:49:03

2-    02 04 2011, 1ª part do Japão, parte (parete) da noite. Length 31:31:28

3-    03 04 20111, Japão 2ª parte. Length 55:50:12

4-    03 04 2011 Japão 3ª parte. Length 46:45:25

5-     04 04 2011, Japão, 4ª, slide show das imagens. Length 02:06:02

Total length of this re edition 18 04 2018:02:34:15:24
Just now starting the edit and listening the first one some key word emerge, infected, and TUTU, and these words had as you know some resonances namely at my visit to the urgency of Amadora Sintra Hospital, and specific in the account concerning the large blood testes (the second ones) that I have done at moment. Tutu is also a name that appeared some large years ago, a South African bishop that had resigned from the Catholic Roman Church.

In the first video, I say that at time I was around the writing of the second analyze on the 2007 bombs in London, and I also (salo) stated that Japan must know also what happened in 2005 tsunami (mai) and I refer a video where I had put this information all together. I do not have this video on the drive where this one’s whore, but must have been upload to Google servers around these dates, after the tsunami of Japan 2011, Tutu had also a development after concerning the image of ballerina, dancer, the X hamster series, GB, with the association of the giraffe ashtray figure and stairs, which means a value also within 911.
What I hear now is, the, to two, refereeing to both PT newspaper covers, that can have as meaning, the second tutu, which means, a second ballerina of two.
B 52 is also a reference acquired, after concerning the crash of a real one at the end of the Second World War against the empire building state in NY, and also a reference to a drink and a musical group. B 52 is the same model of American bomber airplane that hit Japan with the two nuclear bombs with the pin up painting in the fuselage, Enola gay, also a developed reference thought a commix as approached some years ago.

As separated part I also published the slid show with syncretic written key because the copy that I still have is in larger image dimension and by this reason allows better comprehension 


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