terça-feira, junho 12, 2018


Perhaps a crime of impeachment, as many are doing a large effort to impeach me in all the possibly ways, yesterday, again during the night someone entertaining enter and going down and up of the lifter, and these are inductions techniques, and even torture, and another one or more in the upper house, doing some bangs at a certain point, like they are very anxious to have access to my works, and the same bangs techniques all the time that this crimes is going on. I arrived at the Pakistan shop take the net cable and bang, a curt circuit expressly done on the electric cable and before at the building I cross some of new Brazilians boys that seem run of the car of the ne that lived in the first floor, the hybrid, a joint venture, must I ask? And perhaps something to do with this recent or not wars, Chape and train bridge at DC, fall?

Also when open eth pc an the net after this bang, the last videos of my accusations against the psychiatric Nazis involved on the robber of my son and crimes against me, take a lot of time to appear, and I ask, if they are cache, and after realising that was me that was opening the browser, they made appears to me? And this seems possible under these Nazis conditions, I demand the answers that are due to me and to my son from 2007!!!!!

Today’s posts

A enlarge synopses on last video due the  developments on pins, that now became steel and Canadian matters, also approached  at the G7 summit, this subject will have posterior comments, todays published at my To The Great Britain Beloved One, the document, and others; 

The fallopian tromps on tsunami Japan, NASA, and underground 2007 London bombs

Two Zooms, with support images

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