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(Contextual synopses)

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As show in this video, this glass from my bathroom at the house R. Actor João Rosa, Lisbon, done as unique piece of furniture in the beginning of nineties, is not only far away from the tower build at EXPO 98 oriental zone of Lisbon and EXPO itself, tower that have in the upper part also a rotate restaurant, as in Canada as quoted recent again in an indirectly way, by the facts, that Monica Lapa and Teresa whore there launch or something in the kind.

These fact always puzzle me, two ladies that I loved, one death,  and both whore in the same place in faraway country, by the distance in time between them like suggesting a similar man or group or process, and remembering also that this Expo tower as others similes, like, if I remember well, Germany,  whore also introduce as theme in the context of climacteric alterations, a TV movie, towers of communications and journalists (already at the time of the crime of robber of my son), which means, can be ”understood” in the context of cause effect with these technologies.

This tower at EXPO has been target of detailed accounts reading at the beginning of this crime as published at my book of Life, and by memory I reminder that some of these lectures also include one of the ex-minister from the socialist Socrates, and old teacher at my high school that at these readings time, seems have an apartment there as Portuguese medias shown immediately after. Edite Estrela, a lady that is also in the actual time line of analyses, by the VISAO magazine 95 issue/Antonio Gutierres and others,  which means tsunamis and blades.

Must I reminder that there is also a fact around this towers at EXPO as accounted at time, already during the crime of robber of my son, that had link another on the Gemini towers in NY 911 analyses and at least what can understood as a” French statement”, the same man or apparently the same French man, that have pass the cable and transverse the two Gemini towers at NY, that also after my readings if I remember well, have climb this tower at expo.

This subject is again recently invoked in publications within namely Japan tsunami analyse, and goes back at least to eights and Zenha PR campaign/ Olaf Palmer/ Ted Kennedy.   

As explained the piece form, I’m refereeing the shown in the video piece of furniture washbasin, can be seen, as a kind of wing from windsurf, and in this value “glue” the values extracted from some of the French magazines analyses, namely the sequences with Jena de Rosnais, an advertising pub and a photo sequence at the Raphael hotel at Paris, and now on the time line, some facts around Canada are again constellated within the Steel Summit G7 this month. See my document around these subjects (published at my blog to the French beloved one).

This equipment made in glass and the doors also shown on the video, are approached long time ago in detail in my writings at my book of life by the themes and rumours and attempts of incrimination concerning perhaps, the first fall of a commercial plane that is analysed also by these reason on my texts, I’m speaking about the Loocked fall around London, and the Syria responsibility or not in this bomb.

Must I remember that at the time of this construction done thought the DN bandits newspaper with central pages and a lot of information concerning this old attack already during the robber of my son, by the information disposal and if I remember well, the mechanism of bomb trigger was not possible as suggested at time be account on Syria responsibility, nerveless Syria matters is as all know a very long theme, with many connection ad similitudes with some facts within the crime against my person within the robber of my son / the Syrian Crises, ONU, at Obama presidency/ the crack from pole to pole on the earth and the crime done by the psychiatrics within this international conspiracy crime, and goes back by what is analysed until the assassination of J F Kennedy.

In a more restrict context, these pieces of furniture whore by me command at time to Ricciardi, the son banker and BES partner, and  had as usual in this country a lot of stories, namely, the difficult to get a jet of sand on the finishing of the doors, also by the washbasin and the bath that I wonted in black, colour that did not exist at time, and after a  factory in the centre of the country had done it expressly, then, in sum, this is in a certain way and at least, one of the black eggs roots.

This fact of the building of these glass pieces also connects a small hurricane and the children’s school in the centre of Portugal, the Tree symbol and Russia school killings.

This theme had acquired some branches within the 911 analyses as explained in the main manuscript/Tales of the full Moon/Lady God IVA/Cristina Coutinho separation time/ Barcelona/Puente Area/Silver Templar coat/, already published some large years ago, and some acts reflexes like the one done by the actual Pope of catholic roman church, a similar crown of flowers, thought by him with a certain violence as seen in TV images in Lampedusa sea or around apparently in the context of the small boats of refugees.

The procedure to made this furniture connects as can be understood also some of the facts within the mis en scene around the Canadian G7 summit, the ashtray in glass, the horns of the bull or a cow or the “socks” of some; a after development at bomb in Germany, and in an intuitive mode, this also connects the corruption crimes Socrates and the company’s done in Brazil, LAVA JACTO, as name, (jet = jacto in Portuguese), also Travolta sons death.

Seems for me now when discovering this similitude, that some architects had done at least a transposition within the large construction that many have done about eggs of waters at EXPO time, and this is or was integrant part on they rumours accusation concerning my responsibility on the tsunami 2005. Must I stress that are many elements acquired from the Expo time concerning analyses on tsunamis and not only.

Also in this video a partial account of Pimpinha Jardim (another banker name)recent cover of a PT magazine and the connection by the values within some of the details from the theme act by Meghan and by extension, the values within some larger tragedies as tsunamis and in particular Japan 2011.

Also parts of love talk with the beloved one.

Depois de passar a tarde do domingo dia 01 07 a tentar fazer reconhecer a impressora Canon pelo Sistema operativo criminoso da Microsoft que antes de mais proporciona estes crimes e sendo que no caso da Canon como sabeis, queixa apresentei contra a Worten/ Sonae, que até agora como é usual neste crime de conspiração internacional ainda não foi respondida, descontando e incluindo como de costume umas mortes, acresço ainda que o reaparecer de Edite Estrela nestes factos, pois assim corresponde à realidade deles, tem ainda, ou melhor, introduz ainda uma outra relação, com um outra morte recente, a da actriz americana que fez o papel da namorada do Super-homem, linha complexa recente americana/últimos inputs antes desta morte, os via o senador Mc Cain, e de Lois Lane, uma particular foto dela ao tempo do anúncio da morte, pois é semelhante à caraterização que vos relembrei sobre a terrorista Edite Estrela no tempo do liceu D Dinis, a drogaria ambulante, como lhe chamavam, uma mulher cheia de quinquilharia e quinquilharia no pulso de Lois Lane, estava também presente nessa foto do anúncio da morte dela, ou seja, como em suma, uma fosse a imagem de outra, e por extensão, teria que se deduzir que Edite Estrela seria a namorada do super-homem, que aqui em Portugal, o mais próximo que existe, é o tal superespião como lhe chamaram os bandidos dos medias numa telenovela que comos sabeis tem pontos de ligação com o crime do roubo de meu filho e diversas ramificações internacionais, inclusive algumas protagonizadas pelo criminoso senhor Junker. Por outro lado como explicado os detalhes da foto de Lois Lane, ligam também por si mesmos, aspectos das imagens do chapéu de HM no contexto do documento as trompas do Falópio.

Paulo Forte, Lisbon 26 06 2018

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