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07 01 2018 broken lifters, and other crimes. The Range judge arrest
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Again, what by the facts seems a prepared lecture to obtain a certain result.
What seems also a try of a short cut, even to dismiss the fine and detail analyses because some of the aspects on the lifter operation are on my actual writings, which also means, a recurrent criminal and lawyers strategies to promote the escape of eventually criminal responsibilities on tragedies and deaths.
What I must consider as integrant part of the crimes that aim my death and why I sustain this statement.
The account of two recent prepared cross at the atrium of this building with two different neighbouring’s, the first one accounted in detail on the previous video, and in this video, the second one. Strange movements of unknow persons on the building, the continuous sounds on the walls, a phone call to ibervial, a trick one as usual, remember some fact that proof they active participation or submission to the ones that constantly due these crimes in the building, facts show some years ago on video registers, with namely, other phone calls that still without any answers, and again a proof of a lie about the reparation.
A lecture in what seems the prepared scene in the lifter itself, digieva, what seems a purpose name to fit the reading and other details.
In this video also comment the recent news if news, which means if true the judge arrest, Rangel, and the analyse on the CM TV cover that give substance to this suspicion of a mirror preparation again and as usual with my own image, cm tv images of the apparently or not searches at his home.
As you can verify by the timeline, I had just before give again the account by write within Diana assassination, an extract of my manuscript “The Cat Without Head”, remembering some very strange Nazi law facts around the robber of my son and this crime against me, the existence of a never mentioned hidden second judge on the process of the robber officialization through the court of family and child’s of Lisbon in 2007, and then, came this arrest if arrested, or are the Portuguese authorities trying to convince Europe that is a justice going on?
Was Rangel the hidden second judge in this crime? 
Ibervial as usual had lie again, because today already Friday and there is no visible sign of works of reparation on the lifter.
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