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parte primeira destas leituras, 1/5
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Four years after…

Reading my requirements to the court of family and miners of Lisbon, in ten parts with two contextual kiss inter between, almost 14 hours, in two videos
Part one to part five

As explained
These arguments whore not accepted by the court of miners invoking that the whore incomprehensible

Some years after they whore also delivered by me to the European Criminal Court
And as usual in this crime of international conspiracy they whore archived without any further explanations

Some texts integrated in this document whore already written and published in my main blog OuroSobreAzul. in the year of 2006

Why so many years I still do not have any answers about the robber of my son?

These readings are integrant part of my criminal accusations against the Portuguese and European institutions at political and judicial level

For the robber of my only son that I do not know if he is my son in blood that lived with me from the bailey to five years old in daily basis, that after I do not know anything about him, if he is alive or death

Lisbon, 21 03 2018

Re-edit with a lot of technical problems due by the terrorists

whats going on?

someone had introduced a link to skipe on the text of the last post?
with a Gb number?
is this a joke?
or worst?



Or the active participation of Advertising and labels on this crime of international conspiracy for many years, as another from Clarins that seems to me can be connected with the Japan Tsunami 2011, or the European Nazi reality of this crime at the absence of you and your lips.

This video recorded 07 04 2014, “A Contextual Kiss and Some Crimes”, was included by me on the conjunct of my criminal accusations readings against the Court of Family and Miners of Lisbon by the robber of my son and a crime of abuse and torture against him and me, and when recently i try to put all these readings together, this video had a criminal code that did not allow it to be integrated on this new edits.

Then must I deduct, that some image or comment was or is important to the criminal interests on this crime of International Conspiracy, and I say in this way, because I cannot check if they had also meanwhile adulterated the original that I have on my drives.

Contextual kiss and of course some crimes, because this is the dark facet of this crime of robber of my only son, arisen also during any of these lectures, not only against the court of family and miners of Lisbon but also against others institutions, and they are for me and I think to all important, because they reflect the environment variables that are constellated at these precisely points, and in a certain way they are also complementary mirrors on the analytical context where I’m.

Ring and cracks on ring and cracks on golden rings, with prices or without prices, is as many that fallow my statements an old line or theme, that again in these recent times has retaken by Melania Trumps, and is a Theme that the firsts facts if I remember well, have values connected with tsunamis namely by a photo published in an interview of the persecutor of the Portuguese public attorney, Candida de Almeida in a Portuguese newspaper comment and integrated on my manuscript (parts already published), as in the same way was also reflected in another mis en scene act by the criminal president of the Nazi Republic at time, Cavaco Silva, which says in sum that many at high functions, had a lot of care around this subject. 

This theme is also reflected on an advertising with a very beautiful lady as show on this video, and this also prove the active participations of advertising campaigns and labels on this crime of international conspiracy, one more fact among many others detected and comment each time in pub campaigns, the only think that still surprise me, beside the fact that the beauty is not by my side in my life, is the systematic absence of answers or even investigations that enlighten all us why and with what purpose they act in this criminals ways, and case by case, the eventual criminal responsibility when blood occurs as many time happens, a statement that I consider prove behind any reasonable doubt.

Of course other crimes are also reflected or better writing comment on this video, namely the crimes of SONAE WORTEN remembered at time once again at the systematic absence of answers concerning crimes of pure robber as they had done not at CC Colombo, but in CC EXPO, of a complete brand new PC, an HP that had cost me art time around 500 euros, a significant number in many tragedies, namely concerning London bombs in 2007. (As you can understand namely by studding my already published London analyzes and other criminal cases) and this fact seems important at the light of the recent crime again on Worten SONAE, described on anterior text to this one published on my main blog, Ouro Sobre Azul.

Of course that can be others aspects important for the criminals, if I remember well, by some ids of person that appeared on the image of this video.

What I can state is that these criminals that constant in an organized way adulterated all my productions, including my videos, had also the criminal care and effort, that must have been paid for someone, to apply shake effects as I described and detected long years already ago, and as some can know, is today a normal function in editing programs even to amateurs, the possibility to correction the hand shaking during the shoots, and they use it in reverse, which means they use this todays common function to make it shake more, and of course, this aims some already defined criminal purposes.

To have the possibility of redoing this video to republish now, I spent almost two days trying to correct it, in the best way as possible, which means these criminals also aims always, the destruction off all my artistic work, and as I sustain they do it in purpose, to “convoke” on scene the reverse, or to protect some particular criminal interests, in others cases only to discredit, or to try that peoples have less interest on seeing the videos.

This is the black daily bread of this NAZI reality during more than 10 years, and has as main purpose to maintain the crime and the criminal interests.

To do these crimes, they must do them, as I consider proved thought the Telecoms, during the connection and upload, or at You Tube, or by remote code introduced in a disguise ways on my pc during the edit, and to change my original, if they do not still them and erase all the evidences, they must also had illegal access to my external drives, namely when they enter illegally in my home with the help of others crimes, like infections provoked on my person, which made them accomplished of these constant acts of torture and attempts of murder!

Just now last week if I understand well by the reading, some seems know that others that enter illegal my home to prepare the most recent robber, had put some sleep dope on the hamburgers that I had in my frigo, at least, this was suggested by third part display lecture and reading at my eyes.

Many complaints had I present during more than a decade and I do not have any answers, only the increasingly jungle with many blood everywhere!

This can be not like this, where not only the basic rights consecrated namely in the constitutional chart are constantly disrespected, the freedom of speech, as the human rights and the integrity and owning of propriety that people produce or even do by fun.

I demand a full inquiry and these sadistic criminals present to the court, if one!

And I must ask who paid all this slave labor?

Lisbon 2018, 31 03

The day that I published my last post until now at my blog “TO THE JAPAN BELOVED ONE”, as I write in a synoptically form, this same day, a new on CM TV news at dinner time, seems to me be a kind of reflex concerning the possibly plot that arise on the writing, just before, of the annex, “THE FEATHER”, that is the last post on this blog.

FEATHER is also an element with the value of tsunamis and cracks on the facts remembered last part of this text in the immediately reading after the image statement at time of the prosecutor Candida de Almeida, at Estrela (Star) garden in Lisbon, nearby, values that had connected at time, Laje Rosa wet with a crack and a small feather like the Giant wave in Japanese draw representation. Laje as perhaps some know is also the place in Acores where the meeting after the 911 with some European liders and not only and President Bush at time had occurs where was decided the support of the second Iraqi invasion.  

At this year I was already obliged to transport my equipment with more or less 7 kilos

Today, at 2018, I must carry in a chariot with wheels almost ten times more

This is the evolution of this crime of international conspiracy, a beautiful word that many at political level have profit many years ago in the beginning of this crimes, a theory discussion between the terms, revolution or evolution in the domain of bloggers and not only.