quarta-feira, agosto 22, 2018


This frame was grabbed just now with my camara becuase as perhaps many know, the scissors do not work on this microsoft criminal screen and if i try the link, the photo and the news do not appear, and this is very usufull to build subliminal and inductory messages.

what lady May is looking in the photo?
she is looking two trains and this is a refence to a particular photo on ZOOM 115, recent in part approached, and this raise one question, have she illegal acess to what im producing or they will clain, just a wild guess, or a previous knolwedge on the subject.

in the last video in the part that i call post poned conversation with Obama at lisbon, i say that is impossible to do revisions and corrections on all kind of documents that we produce in these technologies within this nazi world wild reality, and i gave examples, on recent published blades on Knifes matters, and also concerning May, there is a detetced adulteration at least twice, i wrote, my texts, and what is on the published blades at my blog to the great britain beloved one, is, May texts, these are he ways thta many build fires!

i demand the full respect of the constitucional charts and the rigths, not only the humans but also , propriety and privacy that are included on the first ones 


Each time that I reinstall some criminal operative systems of microsoft in both of my pcs, appears on credentials an account with a password and must i deducted that by this criminal and illegal acess they have the control over the instalation from the begining.

question. how this is possible to happen in a microsoft OS
question: why these peoples are not in front of a court
question: why no one never awnser

two grabbed photos from my screen as way of proof

NAZISM II, also a kind of post pone conversation about Obama e Trumps, yesterday image on security assurances