segunda-feira, novembro 12, 2018

Proofs of recent crimes on google applications

Proofs of recent crimes on google applications After the recent republishing of one more version on one of the two recent documents on video, the same crime as described on anterior post arise, the firsts pages, namely where we see the Concorde, whore out of focus on the upload video, at least as seen on my screen and apparently on my page, also during the upload thought Nos, connection at Martins coffee, the same trick or worst, a blue line more or less in the middle of the bar that indicate the uploading progress, that also jumps on the count 


Namely on the actual Brexit context and not only 

Again a crime thought google, blogger,

Again a crime thought google, blogger, today when trying to enter the blogger application, the page says that the more recent password is not correct which is false, then appeared apparently one of the process to recover the password, by asking the pet name, and after to redefine a new password, and then apparently with this new password I have access and must I also suppose a lot of different terrorists and thieves!

Perhaps to have the time to change some previous published contents as normally these terrorists always due!

I demand the answers that are due to me by google itself, as proved behind reasonable doubt about these constant crimes and crimes processes!