domingo, abril 14, 2019

no meu novo blog, correlative information about kiss, subject on transit, clouds , Nazism and birds

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all the fallow documents today published

5. 18 02 2017 MR President if can arrest the sadistic .... two themes that are again on the table, by some aspects on this sequence of star made by Annie Leibowitz, Karl Lagerfeld recent death, and the constant informatic crimes, and the discussion on internet regulation 

6. Yasmine and the Queen of the French side statement in Photo in a symbolical way concerning Barbara Morgan, Eugene Smith on the English magazine, Amateur Photographer recent comment

4. A dream about robbers, must I ask if this news from yesterday 13 04 2019 with both presidents, Trumps and the north Korea and the hotel, and the plasma is not referring at least indirectly some important and worldwide value stolen concepts 

3. Yasmine, the Queen, Joe and the Throne, some of this content is again constellated in the GB matters, can I say in this general way

2. A kiss to Gwen 2011 05 05, Gwen that recent is quoted by some news from MSN GB

1. A recent matter of criminal motivations on the robber of my son by politicians and the actual PM at time Lisbon council president, with some facts that are integrant part of my criminal accusations namely against all the Portuguese judicial intuitions, namely around the car traps on front at Public Attorney  

7. IG mode, child abuse and NY towers, some of these facets are again on the table within the correspondences with the movie The Devil Lawyer

8. a dream about robbers, a more complete version

9. Yasmin and the Queen, second approached, and paparazzi by the recent quoted statement of the ugly Scarlet Johansson 

10. Ny 911, ck key and other subjects that are again on the table, the hips pains namely in Nicole at time, the piss campaign the osteoporosis and similar 

11. 842 M 07 12 2014 to Marguerite Yourcenar, medusa, octopus, giraffe figures at 911, volcano at Cabo Verde, a theme again on the table, “the bird lady “

12. totem and butterflies and broken wings a theme that had return or never been ways by many different and even complementary values, Diana, NASA, Thrones, lost or stolen child's and recent by a beautiful lady singer Sabrina Claudio, or a kind of room shoe of a Claudio

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