terça-feira, maio 28, 2019

last crimes on last published video

As seems today recurrent in this world wild war, there no of my videos that are not robbered, cut and adulterated, the terrorist that operate in proximity an control reel time all that I’m doing, when two video sago realize that I was using the bloggie again they start erase, which means the tow anterior videos before the last one published had for the fist time, and after a long period that I did (didi) not use the camera, do not have any broken and before stoke take, the last one, have tow as described.´
The first aspect that these terrorist had erased, (sw ed) is the connection value (vaklue) between the form of the tires of the chariot (cahrriot rito), arisen by a as usual a very complex pass, with prepared in illegal way “arts “ , the triangle mark on the white designer table as showed on the video, a recent theme the rotation of the triangles (rina), and the cut of the wheel in the same form, the part that they had erased, was that this strange form of the rubber(ruvbbber) tires also has been display to my eyes, recently as I realized when now shooting the tires, as a very and never seem before cube, of Kubrick in the hand of the child of the couple of the Chinese shop at Alcantara, she was playing with this cube, that is a kind of net and have a similar value form of the tires draws, and of course this had call my attention, because I never saw one like this, if is real, which manes if they do not have produced a fake object, a kind of variation of Ruddick cube, that isalso (isa) as perhaps many will remembering an old theme on the table of analyses (anamyzes).
The second cut part had come a few hours to my mind, and again I lost the knowledge, which means, this is part of something, or the recent infection, or some dope that they have gave me, or the draws, open  and close techniques that these fuckers are doing on upper room, because is frequently in these last weeks, the arisen of these crypto amnesias.  
The value in the Chinese shop, that seems for me integrant art of a recent key image on the summit, USA /China, was an illusion to make a trick or a robber
I do not take a hand paper note and is gone again from my memory after losing one more hour of my life seeing all the video to understand what these fuckers had the particular care to erase!
I demand these fuckers in front of a court!
28 05 2019, 21:05
Lisbon, Paulo Forte

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