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The mask and the nose at devil lawyer’s office

The mask and the nose at devil lawyer’s office 

This frame extracted from the movie, The Devil’s Advocate or devils’ lawyers as many times I had call it, has been recently published as integrant part of my document, in page 11, line 131 to 158 in page 12.

After recovering this frame, some of the frames extracted from key sequences are already published in post 407 day 9 April 2019 in my blog To The Great Britain Beloved One, I say to myself, I know this strange bailey that the figure have, a figure that seems by the body a kind of ant and as human form the bailey, even if by the dress the figure seems masculine , a pregnancy bailey, a theme not far away convoked on the table by some MSN constructions as also accounted at least in partial mode.

The memory of this strange bailey, arise at the last briefly encounter at the bulding floor, with young man, tall and mince that I did not see for a long time, that for a period was with certain regularity , like living there, on the house that apparently Amilcar lives.

This man appeared already some years in the upper floor sometimes, seems also that a young lady was also living there, a small lady like me, that had a time a silver small Peugeot or something in the kind with a particular identity, a glue stamp about surf that leads me in a navigation to a Portuguese shop on surf objects and similar, some times the young lady, seems have also a smaller sister and some times seems also that her mom has here, and there are some accounted facts or strange behaviours with all them. If I remember well seems also that at least the three ladies have some acquittance on the down building.

As accounted at time on my blog, once a ask him what he does for living, and we answer me an enigmatic sentence, that he has working in cleanings, in the supermarket Dia, some time I have seen in coming with two portables pcs , and not far away which means some years after,  a cross him again of the building, perhaps he still have acess to Amilcar house, and in this last time that I saw him, he had a bailey exactly like the on the upper figure on the movie.

There was a recurrent torture technique as accounted many times at the time that occurs, a kind or small plocks, like drops or sonar systems on the floor, during high hours of the night namely when I was on the living room, like the ones there know precisely in what part of the house I was, and a certain point, I say to myself and to all, this seems some electroacoustic techniques of torture.

In the return of this bailey equivalences, that call my attention, because he did not have one like this before when we as here with a certain regularity, also seems that the surf figure on the Japanese panels, ( figure from the time of Japan Tsunami) have a correspondence with at least the surf reference of her car, and remembering that many trough namely Portuguese medias during years had try to connect the surf, or surfers which is also a very vast term, for instance, can be apply to some one of make navigations on internet, an the giant waves. Some of these facts are also accounted at the time of occurrence.

More strange this become by the todays news of the death of a football player Spanish that before play in Benfica and now in GB, that have a similar name to the director of Cristina Coutinho in MC Can Erickson, at the time of the Albums 91/92, that I had again in last videos two days ago, retouched.

And stranger as known in detailed for many of my accounts, at the time of the big one, the 2005, the Lady that had live some short time with Miguel Maia, Prieto is also daughter of a man that was in front of Benfica for some years.

Cristina Coutinho as you all know is also a indirectly reference to Devil, as name of right wing newspaper in Portugal here her father wrote as journalist, with a nickname, Manuel de Portugal.

Lisboa, 01 06 2019

Paulo Forte