quarta-feira, junho 12, 2019


Last video under published that  show to facilitate the comprehension of all, the relation between the structures on Bible ( PT fanzine) and some of the décor details on the work of the beautiful choreography Sidi, as comment in oral mode in previous videos, is also adulterated, as all the videos that I’m uploading during years to You Tube.

A very tricky and intentional adulteration as usual, because as can be understood on the video, three main themes are constellated, the Hand, the Rotation of a axe, ( a point of connection with the Wheel of life of Tamisa stopped wheel at 2001 , April , among other values) and a fall.

The fall, and the HD groups and cables, is also present in word in previous video, when speaking to Angela Merkel, as the values can be deducted from the speech and action, that joint also other symbolical elements, perhaps the most important, even in recent child’s deaths, the knife.

The fall in the second video, because there no one on the first one, show a white undefined surface, that seems be a intentional established by the adulteration crime connection with a puzzling aspect on last Assange published photo, a reflex for on the mirror of the auto.
But what the footage showed, was the helmet, and the two red strips on the back, that is in under on rack of my shelter books behind me on the video scene. (this helmet has very large acquired values as explained by writ mode in full possible details on the past, starting on the albums 91/92 Virago, the warrior rest PAC shot)

Esta manipulação, que antes de mais e como sempre é crime, evidentemente se relacionara com a proteção dos interesses criminosos em torno de grande matanças pelos conteúdos reais do que se encontra por detrás de Assange, em termos simbólicos e ou literais, como a própria região  do globo que como sabeis é de novo alvo de um conjunto muito vasto de construções em torno de identidade, ou seja, ou alguém pretende uma fogueira para queimar inocentes ou protege criminosos.

Lisboa, 12 06 2019
Paulo forte


approached and comment two videos ago, under on this blog.
fist and the so call at time Salzburg humiliation in the Brexit soap episodes in October last year.

also in this power point, an anterior blue baby jacket of Lady May to the recent one comment on recent video, also published, of Angela Markel that in this document, is possible to be read, the detail of the bouton above her fingers joint hand on Publico on line quoted edition, as a reflex of the structures of the debris in the recent at time tsunami in Indonesia, as show in the draws included on this document

this document was published in video NAMELLY AT THIS LINK IN MY MAIN BLOG   and I suppose I blades that I do not find, on this blog.

as you know more or less twenty posts seems been robber from this blog as I recent gave the account when notice, and even in GB MSN news last week, there was also an information that a university in GB was also robber in all they work on terrorism research, with a photo of peoples dress as teachers in front of a kind of old castle, a tone of Harry Potter movies. Must I also ask, is this a metaphor ?