quinta-feira, junho 13, 2019


just take this afternoon, two different ips, the one that is obtain in my pc and other that appears on "my page" on TP LINK in the wi fi router. How this is possible? at the same time, each time that I try to change the settings on tp link, like password and other and as described in these last os continuous crimes series, apparently the reboot of the TP link do not conclude, and the new define password do not work, but at the same time other changes are apparently introduced, like the SSID.

I demand these fuckers on jail

I demand laws that put a end to these constant crimes and root of many conflicts at buildings levels on city's n this global Vietnam 

my kubo Microsoft criminals still do not work, the camera, and just now this afternoon, a new update of a new update of a new update was done by the system itself, updates are hours of live of peoples and companies and countries and the universal medicine of update to correct the anterior errors or crimes or open ports, like for instance Kaspersky say that my home, this one, the tablet, have 126 open doors, like of course the reel homes of peoples, bandits do not exist, crime and robbers neither, peoples just forget before going to bed to close 126 doors at each home, and I m speaking about houses in bricks with real windows that never missed the sun.

These are also criminal strategies, recurrent one, to impeach, to try peoples forget the point where they are, specially when huge quantity of blood on the table of fall, this are also criminal mechanism in vogue in nazi states that robber child's just to entertain slavery of the victims.

I will reinstall al the system, to see if a can work something other that see naked ladies at the absence of your rose and lips, my beloved ugly one.

there will be no more stars on the sky, just be the fact of the divine existence of a correspondence between the infinite number of reinstallations that victims are obliged to do and the infinite number of stars.

my beloved one, are you arriving home?

or just nowhere in the nazi galaxy 

do you wont to dinner version 190005 38883 aj 
200002888384mmmmmm, with frite potato's?