sexta-feira, junho 14, 2019

CRIMES AT THE ABSENCE OF YOUR LIPS, MY LOVE ( deverei presumir que seria pelo menos um pouco diferente, é o que um rapaz optimista sempre espera)

After the last publishing post I spent my free time until more or less 04:AM this morning to reinstall again all the Microsoft criminal system of Kubo (Microsoft tablet), which means, cleaning all the disk, which as proved is a constant lie from them, and after reinstalling the windows 10 pro, that never comes in all ( by download), as criminal process to facilitate  control, adulterated and robber of information and re installing the Office, where again the same recent criminal procedure seems occurred, and I stated this part with a reserve, because I abort and I did not check until now, after a first download and installation, what seems the criminal trick, missing some proofing packets of languages and when downloading them, they’re install a second Office, and this part, the existence of two Office software’s installed I discovered just some day before.
As you know, Microsoft had robber and incorporated a concept some already year ago, a way to check online the integrity of the systems itself, by checking the original codes library, and even if this apparently works, as other process that the advanced user can use, trough namely the CMD, am outil and a language that most part of all the world user do not know how to work, and as many time I have prove on the past , this made them accomplishes of these constants crimes.
Before having proceeding in the way above described, I have try to solve the TP Link ( Wi.Fi system and a very complex already line and metaphor if a include as I sustain for instance the Huawai matter ) where I also detected some strange facts as described in anterior documents, first of all appeared in the page on line apparently at GB where e user can configure, it, a account that was not mine, with the sadistic surplus of the name ( SSD something) Ahahah, not graph in this exactly terms, but enough to understand as a laugh.
Apparently I succeed to change the settings, but I’m not sure that I’m controlling my own device a common problem of all, if for instance we see, that the way the technologies providers says for instance, as process to recognize if a site is true or fake, is seeing the colour on the bar adress on the browse, if green well, if grey, possible not, what seem a kind of child joke concerning the deeply and transsystemic degree of the security problems crimes, and resultant blood trough and done by this technologies.
During the night there whore peoples on both apartment above my living room, a discreet one had enter high hours without making much noise, at the moment that I link the TP device, she made a short run above, at that moment I realize that he or she, perhaps by the sound a she, was aware of what I was doing, and in the best of possibilities, saying to me in this way, that the connection was already in the had of bandits. At the end of this morning o was wakeup by a conversation on the stairs, between a lady and a man or more, that wore talking enough louder to enter my door and wake up me, during this period perhaps more than half hour, some one that by the noise seems be or in Amilcar house or outside the building have made a few bangs with a hammer, like suggesting someone knocking at the door, when finally I stand up and open my window, the conversation stopped, which mean perhaps a byte, a pression, a way to wakeup me, because the reality of this constant acts of torture in this building for more than ten years is this one, if peoples are good intention they do not speak louder enough on the stairs even if they need to be there speaking and making a kind of parliamentary discussion of whatever, just the good sense and education proof this, because peoples know if a tone and a level of speech on the stair of a bulding can disturb others. Is always a very strange inductory technique in the sense that peoples who are subjects to this, can not understand the dialogue, but the tone and even the echo, make at least an unconscientious effect specially if they are asleep.
As the usual consequence, I did not sleep all that I needed, a Nazi procedure in daily basis during more then ten years in this country in Nazi hands, some time this are the first steps for further crimes, creating appropriate states for instance to provoke accidents or even killing peoples when peoples goes out and drive, walk or work with instruments and machines.
Of course, when peoples are subject to constant and provoke pains, these mechanism and consequences are worst, or at least can be
For the moment after the full reinstallation of part of the system that I use for work, because as peoples know, usually they have other applications installed on they PCs to work and they have account that they have to fulfil again and again and to put a system again at it was, this some times takes a few days, for the moment the camera, works with sound as usually in the recurrent and propose technical crimes done through these technologies, by Microsoft systems itself and third parts like telecoms and fourth unknow parts for the victims
As expectable in perhaps two days, again they introduce a criminal code to disarrange the sound on the camera, that is the best in definitions that I have to work under these Nazi conditions.
Must perhaps due the degree of constant illusion remembers that recently and usual some strange pass has been done in upper floor.
By the facts hereby present this is also a crime complaint in the terms described.

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the third version seems been stolen meanwhile, more complete and with the beauty with head in the first photo included on the embed document from One Drive, put it again fuckers!

this is again a crime complaint because this line of Tp , came from You Tube buildings, also ( at least in part as explained and is anterior of Hawai theme)

Lisbon 14 06 2019
Paulo forte